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Nobamacare - NSA EU - Tsunami Bomb

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Tonite (10.25.2013) we covered:

Nobamacare was designed to fail - both the web site and the entire program. It raises the premiums for virtually everyone and increases their deductible. Many treatments will be denied to those over 55. Yes, there are deathy panels.

Nobamacare is also a massive scam designed to get personal information on everyone in America. It will create a national database. The only way to stay out of that Big Brother database is to NOT sign up for Nobamacare.

Let the U.S. Corp. fine you and steal the penalty from you for not signing up. Then join the class-action lawsuit to get it back with millions of other Patriots.

NSA EU scandal. The EU leaders are upset that the NSA is eavesdropping on their private phone calls. They did not know this decades ago? That was common knowledge back in the 1950s. Is this a practical joke?

The NSA collects, stores and analyses every phone call and electronic transmission on the planet.


The U.S. Corp. tested a Tsunami Bomb in 1945 off the coast of New Zealand. New Zealand and the U.S. Corp. conducted "Project Seal" in which they determined that it was possible to create a tsunami capable of destroying a coastal city.

That was 68 years ago! Do you think it has used that Tsunami Bomb since then?

Was the 2004 India Ocean tsunami which killed more than 230,000 people and the 2011 Japan tsunami which destroyed the nuke plant in Fukushima the result of the Tsunami Bomb?

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