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Drone Strikes - Facebook - NSA - Larry Ellison

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Tonite (8.13.2013) we delved into the following stories in the news:

Only 11% trust the NSA.

Snowden said he is NOT a "spy."

Larry Ellison admits the corps have been collecting info for decades and he thinks the NSA is doing a good job. He is part of the NSA.

Eliot Spitzer sex scandal.

California policy to allow transgenders to use the opposite sex restrooms and showers.

Facebook and all social networking websites are spy fronts for Big Brother. Everyone who has an account on a social networking web site is legally and clinically INSANE! In the future Big Brother will round up millions of people who have accounts claiming they are mentally incompetent to live on their own. These MORONS will be put in labor concentration camps for their own protection.

GET SMART! Cancel your Facebook, etc. accounts.

ALL "federal" agencies - CIA, FBI, DEA, BATFE, DIA, NSA, ONI, ETC. - are agencies of the US Corp. which is owned by the rottenshield/rottenfeller CRIME family. Those agencies were NOT created to protect the American people from criminals and terrorists. They were created to help terrorists and criminals prey on the American people. They were also created to spy on WE THE PEOPLE to see if any of us were awake and do not want to become Big Brother Zombies.

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