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Snowden - NSA - Eisenhower - Food Aid

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Tonight (7.13.2013) we covered the Snowden Saga and the claim by the NSA that they are teaming with corporations to protect the Internet.

We also talked about Dwight Eisenhower who NEVER saw combat his entire military career and was nothing but an instructor and secretary. He was promoted from a Brigadere General to 4 stars in 2 years 2 months and given command of SHAEF. He was promoted over hundreds of senior officers because he took orders.

We also explained that 101 million Americans are receiving some kind of government food aid. That is nearly 1/3 of the population.

Big Brother plans to crash the economy totally creating a pandemic of homeless Americans. A state of emergency will be declared and the homeless will be rounded up and thrown in concentration gulag labor camps. They will be given dozens of vaccines which will kill them so Big Brother can harvest their organs.

Organ harvesting is big business and it will only grow.

PS: Do NOT sign the donor card. Hospitals do whatever they can to murder patients who have signed the donor card.

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For DVDs exposing the CRIMES of Big Brother.

Organ harvesting
Food aid