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Snowden - Microsoft - Apple Inc. - Francis Bacon

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Tonight (7.12.2013) we talked about Ed Snowden who is apparently stuck in the USSR and may not leave unless President Putin hands him over to the illegal alien from Kenya barry soetoro.

We also explained that Microcrap, Facebook, Google and most Internet companies are owned or controlled by the rottenfeller CRIME family. Apple started out as a home-based company but was taken over by the rottenfellers.

We gave a background of bill shakespear who was a front boy for Francis Bacon.

We revealed the truth that the latest robot by DARPA (Atlas) is 25 to 50 years behind the robots that Big Brother has in his top secret labs. His robots are far more advanced than the ones depicted in the 2004 movie "I Robot" with Will Smith or the 2012 movie "Elysium" with Matt Damon.

Watch "Elysium" when it comes on cable or TV. It depicts a future that the elite scum (rottenshields, rottenfellers, bushes, clintons, etc.) want for them and for us.

And once again we explained that Big Brother has hundreds of top secret military labs and factories underground on Earth, tthe Moon, Mars and most of the moons of the solar system.

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