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Fourth of July Special

  • Broadcast in Politics
America in Focus

America in Focus


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Tonight (7.04.2013) we explain why anyone who celebrates the 4th of July is an ignorant fool.

We covered these topics:

The LIE of Freedom

The death of America in 1861

The real rulers of America - rottenshield CRIME family who was stopped from interferring in that war by Alexander II of Russia. They got revenge by funding the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and slaughtering the entire Romanov family.

We explained that the War of 1861 in America was NOT fought over slavery. The rottenshield CRIME family were the ones who speaheaded the slave trade and love slavery.

The old-style slavery is not as bad as the new-style slavery. people who are homeless and make just enough to live on are worse off than the black slaves prior to 1861. They had food, housing and medical care. The homeless slaves of the corporations today have to fight for their food, shelter and they have no medical care.

The new-style slavery is more profitable than the old-style slavery.

New World Order

Visit - www.freeworldfilmworks.com

For DVDs exposing the CRIMES of the rottenshields and their minions - bush crime family, clintons, etc.