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Syria - NSA - Nikola Tesla

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Tonight (6.18.2013) we talked about the big Brother scam of rolling out spy cameras in Microjunk's Xbox One to watch everyone in the room and Verizon's new DVRs.

We went into the background of Microjunk a front company of IBM created so IBM could avoid anti-trust lawsuits.

We also talked about albert dumbstein, a patent clerk who stole every idea he ever came up with. We noted that his infamous E=MC2 is not real and that everything public schools teach is wrong!

We spoke about the real GENIUS who laid the foundation of the modern world with the invention of AC electricty, radio, microwave technology, the Tesla coil and the death ray. He also discovered radioactivity and developed ocilation technology capable of bringing down buildings. This unsung GENIUS is NIKOLA TESLA an immigrant from Serbia. Check out his Wikipedia page or do a search on him at www.startpage.com

We also talked briefly about Syria in the last five minutes explaining that Putin may keep the bastard son of Kenya from invading Syria..

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