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For all persons who wish to evolve the will AND/OR ability to replace the system of racism (white supremacy) with a system of justice for the establishment of peace and, then, the maintenance of correctness.

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The founder of World Afropedia known as Kofi Lion returns to help us get a more in-depth understanding of topics he introduced to us two weeks previous: The digital dark age in contrast and comparison to the dark age last experienced in Europe; more on the different kinds of crytocurrency and how black people might create and use our own; the political history and logic of of Mandombe script and some explanations on how it is learned; The mechanics of Wikipedia, i.e, what happens in cyber-backrooms to create what much of the world comes to know as "fact" on a subject Kofi's multiple domestic and international businesss ventures including bookselling and African arts and weaponcraft We will invite and open the lines to callers on this broadcast. Join us. Don't be scurred. The Lion don't bite.
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Having heard or read, first-hand, very little of what Hispanics/Latinos say about black people, the hosts were fascinated to hear what a Harvard educated attorney and eye-witness to Malcom X's talk at UC Berkeley, Nicholas Vaca, had to say... more

Sonny and Cree will pick up where we left off in the last conversation and share other observations we've made about the socio-material terrain over the last couple of weeks. We'll play a very interesting audio clip. But, it's not the same... more

Once white folk have been installed on your hard-drive by "dating" or "marrying" you or a dear one , a simple uninstall will not ersase the event. This is a conversation between Cree and her "husband" about our recent efforts in this... more

What is love, how is it proved, and what does one do---what do black females do--- until it is proven? We'll pick up the conversation from last week, discussing the functional value and defintion of erotic "love" between black males and... more

A funky conversation on black "attempted parents"* disciplining/correcting their offspring* by hitting/ spanking, whippin'/whipping---that leads into a funky conversation about the importance to combatting racism (white domination) of... more

Feel like talking, being creative about trying to solve The problem. If you got something that seems a stretch in relation to solving this problem and most people would lauhh at you or have no idea what you're talking about, I wanna... more

A TED talk by Daniel Wolpert: "We have a brain for one reason and one reason only, and that's to produce adaptable and complex movements. If mr. Wolpert is correct, there is a lot of evidence that black people are the most able of all... more

Cmptrwhiz Whiz, a Facebook associate with whom I have been working on the Abstain Until campaign to end the terrorism of black people by white enforcement officials said the following recently on one of his status updates: "The more I sit... more

Today, we'll take up the questions raised in listeners minds during and after two TED talks on "romantic love" by Helen Fisher (a white woman and neuro-anthropologist) that were broadcasted on this venue on 5/24/12 & 6/7/12.... more

This is part 2 in the consideration of the following questions posed in the 5/24/12 broadcast: "Is it logical to suggest counter-racist code that dispenses with the expectation of and pursuit of the ecstacy of particular focused attrraction to one,... more
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