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For all persons who wish to evolve the will AND/OR ability to replace the system of racism (white supremacy) with a system of justice for the establishment of peace and, then, the maintenance of correctness.

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A TED talk by Daniel Wolpert: "We have a brain for one reason and one reason only, and that's to produce adaptable and complex movements. If mr. Wolpert is correct, there is a lot of evidence that black people are the most able of all... more

Cmptrwhiz Whiz, a Facebook associate with whom I have been working on the Abstain Until campaign to end the terrorism of black people by white enforcement officials said the following recently on one of his status updates: "The more I sit... more

Today, we'll take up the questions raised in listeners minds during and after two TED talks on "romantic love" by Helen Fisher (a white woman and neuro-anthropologist) that were broadcasted on this venue on 5/24/12 & 6/7/12.... more

This is part 2 in the consideration of the following questions posed in the 5/24/12 broadcast: "Is it logical to suggest counter-racist code that dispenses with the expectation of and pursuit of the ecstacy of particular focused attrraction to one,... more

Jarvis Bernard Sheffield, M.S. Ed, visits CREE. Mr. Scheffield, who describes himself as a "Black Ass Mega Nerd," is the founder and administrator of the Black Science Fiction Society (BSFS). The "Black Science Fiction Society highlights,... more

Is it logical to suggest counter-racist code that dispenses with the expectation of and pursuit of the throes of the ecstasy of particular focused attrraction to one, and only one, person of the opposite gender? Should black people... more

Scot Nakagawa, author of the article, "Why I, An Asian Man, Fight Anti-Black Racism" vistits the CREE venue. Mr. Nakagawa blogs at

Cree is questioning a well-worn page in her personal counter-racist code. Like many black people who have read Neely Fuller's Code Book and heard many of his talks, I used to say that successfully countering the deceitful words of... more

TaterPie and Cree get to work reshaping constructive counter-racist renditions of the 2007 piece, "What Men Can Do To Help End Male Domination of Women and Girls," by Julian Real and Celie's Revenge. Our working titles are "What White... more

Open mic for discussing issues related to replacing the system of global white domination w/ a system of justice. Let's see whether this discussion settles, again on black female-black male relations. If it does, let's see if we can cover new... more
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