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For all persons who wish to evolve the will AND/OR ability to replace the system of racism (white supremacy) with a system of justice for the establishment of peace and, then, the maintenance of correctness.

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(Originally scheduled for 7/09/14 but could not be heard by callers or listeners. That technical issue has now been resolved) This episode will pick up the converstaion where it was left at the end of the 6-29-14 episode entitled "Black Men, Black Women, Bed-wenches & Nig@erstock." In order to address this problematic behavior for the black collective today, we will discuss the seemingly hundreds (maybe even thousands) of years black men have been drawn to and, perhaps, even preferred white and other non-black women. Is this a preference hard-wired into biology? If it is, what's next? If it isn't, what's next? Lets' get to the root of this thing >>> Pun intended. Why is it that, despite being told the contrary, Cree has the nagging suspicion that HAIR, not even skin hue, is the most important qualifier or disqualifier of a black woman's beauty for most black men? If she forgets, remind the host to tell the story of the white Brazilian waitress that chased the host and her husband down the street.
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Snippets of conversation and thoughts on sex and race.

How many times have you been asked by a white person or a pitiful victim, "Tell me. Really. How are YOU a victim of racism right now? You can't say exactly how, can you? Quit making excuses." Well, I have seen, heard, and been asked... more

One in a series of segment flashes commemorating the first anniversary of the CREE program on blogtalkradio. The "flashes" are compilations of Cree phoning other BTR programs. In this segment, CREE SEVEN phones into the venues... more

The author of The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept, Mr. Neely Fuller Jr., shares his views on the best and fastest way to replace the system of Racism/White Supremacy with a system of Justice. Mr. Fuller is... more

The author of The United Independent Compensatory Code/System Concept; A Textbook/Workbook For Victims of Racism (White Supremacy) joins CREE for an analysis of the current refinement of the system of racism that is designed to... more
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