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CR Engineer

Counter-Racist Evolving Engineer (CREE)


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For all persons who wish to evolve the will AND/OR ability to replace the system of racism (white supremacy) with a system of justice for the establishment of peace and, then, the maintenance of correctness.

On-Demand Episodes

RE-BROADCAST FROM May 21, 2010 Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, and law professor at Ohio State University, discusses the current configuration of law that effects... more

RE-BROADCAST FROM JUNE 13, 2010 William Darity, Ph.D., professor of economics at Duke University and director of Duke University's Research Network on Racial and Ethnic Inequality joins the CREE workshop for the second time.... more

REBROADCAST FROM MARCH 31, 2010 Dr. William Darity is a Professor of Economics, Public Policy, African/African-American Studies, and the director of Duke University's Research Network on Racial and Ethnic Inequality . Dr. Darity... more

More on the proposed refinement on the the codified definition of "white person" and "black person" as well as suggestions for repairing self-damaging "romantic" preferences for non-black persons. Also, the launch of a united- independent... more

Who counts, i.e, functions as a white person? "Asians," "Arabs," "Hispanics," "Persians," etc.----sometimes and some places? As in physics, there is an uncertainty principle about the momentum and position of fundamental elements... more

Re-broadcast from May 07, 2011 White scientists are now saying that all "non-Africans" descend from the extinct Neanderthal subspecies. Is this preparation for a 21st century version of eugenics propaganda? Or, is it sinply... more

In this episode of Counter-racist Theatre, Cree engages a person who says that he is Hispanic and that he wants to clarify "distortions and lies" about "his people" that they are not white.

A very brief and impromptu inquiry into the proposition of the dominant black gene. To be continued...

In this segment, Cree will present an audio version of the article, Black Like Me, a young white man's account of his experience after taking the drug, psorlen, in 1994 to change his appearance to that of a black male. After the reading, Cree... more

Savages, Spaghetti, and Subways A critical module of the system of racism (white supremacy) is the greater credibility of words spoken by a white person than words spoken by a person who is not white. Hence, revealing the deceit in... more
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