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For all persons who wish to evolve the will AND/OR ability to replace the system of racism (white supremacy) with a system of justice for the establishment of peace and, then, the maintenance of correctness.

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"What is it good for? Absolutely __________?" Please phone in and give us your defintion of "culture." You may also email your definition at least 1 hour before the broadcast to: Please remember that an example is not a defintion. Examples can leave room for confusion about what a thing is while a defintion should not. Your defintion should include or lead to a logical answer to the following questions: What is the mimimum number people necessary to constitute a culture? Can every person in the known universe practice the same culture? Can a person pratcice two cultures at the exact same time? What is the purpose of culture? What should be the purpose of culture? What does a person who pactices "black culture" or "African culture" or "Moorish culture" or "Hebrew Israelite Culture" do that no one else does? The objective of this broadcast is to determine the best use of the word, "culture," in the process of replacing the system of white domination with a system of justice.
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**This program is rated "R" because it may not be suitable for black people of any age who are still in a typically vulnerable stage of self-acceptance/rejection in regards to their hue. It may be psychologically harmful for such people as it... more

This episode is a continuation of a lengthy discussion recently/currently held on the Facebook group page for another BTR program with a counter-racist objective, The Justice Lab. The objectives of this episode were to: clarify the... more

We'll start out talking about the curious circumstances and results of Game 1 of this year's NBA Final game between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. After that we and/or our callers will exchange/share views about this religion of... more

This is a re-broadcast of an interview of Horace Butler, the renowned author of the book, When Rocks Cry Out. This interview originally aired on Inner Light Radio on April 1, 2014 in preparation for Mr. Butler's first live lecture in... more

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, PhD, is a professor of sociology and a council member of Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Duke University. He is the author of several books including the acclaimed Racism without Racists:... more

SeedPlanter and his partner, Dee Tee, are a twenty-something, heterosexual, black couple who will share how they handle the challenges of being recognized by strangers, friends, and kin as having affection and respect for one another.... more

LBM and Cree co-host a discussion about how black people can prepare to have offspring and, then, prepare those offspring to be viable. Specifically, we discuss: How many of us actually planned for their offspring - what has been the... more

Author, trainer, husband & father Ifayomi Grant who resides in England returns to the CREE venue to discuss his latest book, What's Love Got to Do with It? Or, Is Marriage just for White People?" Mr Grant is the author of six other books... more

This is the requested follow-up to the October 6 episode featuring a pre-recorded talk by author Nicolas Vaca. That episode was entitled, "What's That? A Non-white Alliance with Latinos? ".Dr. Muñoz is Professor Emeritus in the... more
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