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Sacred Nature

Sacred Nature


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Our purpose as humans is to help our planet to become sacred - to create a new civilisation that will reveal the sacredness in all life. Sacred Nature is broadcast monthly on each New Moon. Why the New Moon? Because this is the best time in the monthly cycle to ground the spiritual energies tapped at the Full Moon. We can then fulfil our divine purpose according to the axiom: 'as above, so below' - to help spiritualise matter, making nature more sacred. For a transcript of each show email me changeistheonlyconstant1@hotmail For more on sacred nature and the Magician's Way go to my blog - 'Unreal' -http://unrealisnotreal.blogspot.com.au/

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This next and final episode of Sacred Nature is called, 'Sacred Living in this Time of Transition'. In this episode we'll pull together all the threads and weave them into a story about us and our sacred purpose here in this time of upheavel and... more

In this episode we'll further explore the seventh ray, and practical ways we can use magic and ritual to expand our consciousness. We will discuss ways we can work together in groups to fulfil our sacred role as world servers and... more

Are we still evolving? This is a question intriguing scientists and the answer seems to be a resounding 'yes'. But what will this next stage in our collective evolution look like? The Ageless Wisdom tells us that we are on the verge of... more

Fire is an archetypal image. It conjours up images of destruction as well as creation. It's associated with the burning ground that, we're told, we must pass through, if we are to pass through the eye of the needle and enter the Kingdom... more

Most of us want to be creative in some way, but what does it really mean to create? When we make something we create in deva substance. Is all creation making anew or is it just replicating old patterns? Learn more about how to be... more

Why is three a sacred number? How does this relate to the devas and our task in making nature more sacred? And what's this got to do with unity in diversity or the creative work of world service? Three is the basic structure of all forms from the... more

No more lone super-heroes - this is the age of the group saviour. Together we're working out how to change our world. Through cooperation and the resolution of differences into something bigger and better, we're enabling our new world to be... more

To fully understand the sacred feminine we need to know the divine Father. This is our will, power and source of our emerging universal or global consciousness. It's the song of synthesis. Episode 5 will explore this song of love between the... more

Sacred Nature is about the Sacred Feminine. This episode is the key to the whole series of 12 episodes. But it's not just the feminine as we human's think of it. It's the feminine quality in all humans and all nature. According to the Ageless... more

What is our purpose as One Humanity? If we get an idea of what it is, perhaps it can help us to get clearer about our own individual soul purpose. In this episode we'll explore light - what is it and how it can lead us into the ether? This... more
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