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Creating a Family: Talk about Infertility and Adoption


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Creating a Family: Talk about Adoption and Infertility. Since 2007, we interview leading experts on infertility and adoption each week to bring you unbiased accurate information on all aspects of adoption and infertility. In adoption we cover how to adopt a baby, open adoption, foster care adoption, international adoption, attachment parenting, transracial adoption, special need adoptions and more. In infertility we cover latest advances in in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, infertility medications, emotional aspects, egg donation, surrogacy, how to choose an fertility clinic and much more.

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Fertility treatment is significantly cheaper in some other countries such as Spain, South Africa, and India. Should you go abroad for treatment? Is it safe? How can you find a reputable successful clinic? Join my guests Angie... more

My guests include Wendy Cuellar, Director of the Guatemalan Adoption Authority, Michelle Bond, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Adoptions, Randy Weaver, the Guatemala Director of Orphans Resources International,... more

We may feel powerless in infertility, but once in treatment, there are decisions we have to make. How do patients make these big decisions and what’s important when trying to decide. My guests will be psychologists Dr. Shana Millstein,... more

Over half a million children are in the US foster care system. What does it take to foster or adopt one of them. Join us today to talk with long time foster parent, Kathy Harrison, author of Another Place at the Table.

We will talk with author Carol Kranowitz about this often perplexing and misdiagnosed disorder.

Is age just a number? Through donor egg or embryos or through adoption people in the 40s and 50s can now begin their parenting journey. My guest will be psychotherapist Helen Adrienne to discuss the the implications of age on... more

Is international adoption inherently corrupt? Does international adoption have a place in international child welfare? What countries are the most corrupt? What can adoptive parents do to avoid unethical practices in international adoption.... more

Adopting older children can be rewarding and challenging. What is considered an “older child” for adoption, and how can you tell if a particular child will be able to transition into your family. The answer may surprise you. My guest will be... more

Like it or not, money drives infertility treatment. Cost affects the what, who and where decisions. Evelina Sterling, co-author of the new book Budgeting for Infertility, literally wrote the book on what patients can do to lower the cost of... more

Miscarriage is a little understood occurrence in the medical community as well as in the general public. My guest, Jon Cohen, a biomedical reporter and writer for Science, researched what is known and unknown about repeat unexplained... more