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Creating a Family: Talk about Infertility and Adoption


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Creating a Family: Talk about Adoption and Infertility. Since 2007, we interview leading experts on infertility and adoption each week to bring you unbiased accurate information on all aspects of adoption and infertility. In adoption we cover how to adopt a baby, open adoption, foster care adoption, international adoption, attachment parenting, transracial adoption, special need adoptions and more. In infertility we cover latest advances in in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, infertility medications, emotional aspects, egg donation, surrogacy, how to choose an fertility clinic and much more.

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What are the latest developments that can help prevent IVF from faililng. What can infertility patients do to help their infertility treatment succeed. Host Dawn Davenport will interview Dr. Sonia Elguero, board certified Reproductive... more

Adoption and fertility treatment are expensive. Not everyone has the money just sitting around in their savings to spend. How does Dave Ramsey and the Financial Peace Program suggest raising the money needed for paying for IVF,... more

Do you think your child has ADHD? Could it be caused by diet, food allergies, low blood sugar, or lack of sleep? How to best diagnosis and treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Host Dawn Davenport interviews Dr. Vincent Monastra, a... more

The Universal Accreditation Act is now reality. How will it change international adoptions? If you have already applied to adopt, how will it affect you? Host Dawn Davenport will interview: Robin Sizemore, Founder and Executive Director of... more

How do chemical, hormones, and pesticides in our food and environment affect fertilty, pregnancy, and health of our families. Host Dawn Davenport interviews Dr. Tracey Woodruff, Director of the Program on Reproductive Health and the... more

What do you need to know about the genetics of a potential egg donor or sperm donor? What type of genetic testing is available both pre and post conception? Host Dawn Davenport will talk with Dr. Harvey Stern, Director of Genetics... more

Children adopted internationally need to be prepared in advance for what adoption means, and how their life will change. How can adoption professionals and parents help to prepare these kids. Host Dawn Davenport will interview two of... more

More children are being conceived with donor egg, sperm, and embryo through third party reproduction and IVF. We can learn from the generation that went before who were conceived through donors in the past. What was... more

What is the safest, fastest, and cheapest way to get pregnant in fertility treatment? How long should you continue to try Clomid or Letrozole and/or artificial insemination (IUI) with our without injectables before moving to IVF? Host Dawn... more