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Did you wake up this morning? Don't you think that's classic? This is a show that is based on tuning ur spirit 2 what you want it to be. A place with power. The classics. Classic what? Classic laughs, classic conversations, classic topics,classic grooves, jams and classic bass breaking hits, classic commentaries and classic guests. This is a Miltown get-down kind of a show, and we are coming into the classic spotlight to shine in limelight. Feel like you have something classic 2 talk about, or just want 2 listen 2 what we're on? Teresa Rae Butler hosts "CREAMCITYCLASSICA"-now THAT'S CLASSIC!

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AuthorRhys Flint , CEO at RHYSWORLD PUBLISHING, comes to discuss his publishing house, Kross Out and Kross Out 2. Rhys And his staff are dedicated to bringing the hottest Work Around! What do you know about this that's classic?... more

Douglas Paszkiewicz is a veteran in the comic book industry, having done work for Image, and DC Comics, Mad Magazine and Topps Mars Attacks while keeping his own Independently Published work Arsenic Lullaby at the top of the heap... more

Reggie Wells is CEO and President of Power Rich Media and No Smiles Allowed Entertainment. He is an author, publisher, screenplay writer and motivational speaker. What do you know about this that's classic? Lots of laughs, I'm sure.... more

Author Byron Carey, (Nowhere 2 Turn), is a reformed drug distributer that served a ten-year federal prison sentence. Byron was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas; he has transformed his way back into society as a truck driver and... more

Black Country singer Andre' Lamar stops by Cream City Classica to talk about his career. What do you know about this that's classic? Lots of laughs, I'm sure. It's ENOUGH ROOM for US ALL to SHINE! Now that's classic!To get on the show... more

Author Mohammed ?Itchie-Mu? Anwo is an urban fiction author and the co-founder of Street Dedication Publishing which he started with his co-partner Hakeem Fleming. Itchie Mu's book, Blood Stain, is his latest baby that he wants... more

Fall into the pages of S. Chameleon as she shows you just how devious deception can be. The saying ?Keep your enemies close and your friends even closer? would have worked if the friends they thought they had, had not... more

Author Boo Jackson takes you on a thrill ride and poses the question: what do you do when you're torn between what's right and what's wrong; what's real and fantasy. Sanity and insanity will fight for a position on the throne as she brings to... more

Best Selling Author, NeNe Capri comes to talk about her books, The P *ssy Trap, Trust No Bitch and Tainted. She will give 414 the 411 on what it's like operating Boss Lady Publishing. Boss Lady Publishing was founded and is headed... more

Author and Publisher, Swift , a Milwaukee native, dials in to talk about his books, Motivation Pt. 1 & 2. Recently his company, RH Publishing, landed an imprint distribution deal with urban book powerhouse G-Street Chronicles. What do you... more
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