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We choppin' it up...Learn and gain real life knowledge about relationships, romance, sex, love, marriage, and dating from real life hosts and listeners! Live Every Friday @ Midnight to 2 AM ET. Tune in, call in, turn up...Let's crank!

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Have you ever had an orgasmic connection? Can people have an orgasmic connection by being connected to one another? When you both climax you're climaxing at points where no matter how experienced you are you have orgasms in whatever position your in. Did you ever think you could have stronger orgasms? When it happened what did your body do and how did you feel? Did you understand what was going on? Do you think an orgasmic connection has more to do with feelings/emotions towards that person? Share your stories and examples with us and the world Friday night at Midnight till 2AM! Tune in...Call in...(347)637-3528... Share your opinions with the world!! This week's show topic as well as our Featured Guests this week is Courtesy of and our Fam over at:
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Are we together and do we need to be together for the same reasons in the first place? Meaning are we even looking for the same interests, results, or possessing the same relationship-type of intentions as our counterparts? How far apart... more

How critical are the differences between marriage vs shacking up? What about preparation and examination of your potential 'life partner' in the capacity of 'life partner'? What are the benefits or simply affects of going into marriage with a... more

The majority of our topics are about more critical challenging aspects of relationships and life, etc. Well tonight's topic we wanted to focus on the things we are thankful for about out relationships, and relationship portfolios. Things like... more

How much should your children factor into your relationship? Sustaining it? Choosing it? Etc? Children are the greatest phenomenon of life! They are the circle of life at its early stages, most people know and make accommodations for... more

What's more troublesome and stressful (aka Toxic!): Dating, and the meeting and getting to know new (yet strange) people process? Or, being in and sustaining a Monogamous (yet possibly challenging) relationship; over the course of a long... more

'There's a thin line between love and hate,' but why do we continue to walk the line? Are we sabotaging ourselves by staying in love/hate relationships? If so, why do we stay? Why do we hurt the ones closest to us and that we love the most;... more

In lieu of Halloween: What's Scaring You Away from a Relationship? And, What are Your Sexual or Relationship Taboos? Have you been in some FRIGHTFUL situations and experiences in your relationship life? Any SPOOOOOKEY dating... more

Should you break up with a great or even really good man/woman just because the sex is bad? Does a good personality and/or sexual personality have a positive effect on sex? Is it common to crave exes? Is Bigger Always Better? What about... more

How do you feel about a woman approaching you? Are you put off by a woman making the first move? Traditionally the dog chase the cat, and men approach women for romantic interests. As a people this has become the standard, but as... more

Is it the Male's pride? Isn't pride his driver?!?" So don't you need pride n ego?" I find it interesting that women are so focused and value their emotions and the affect of mistreating their emotions has on relationships, yet conversely label a... more