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We choppin' it up...Learn and gain real life knowledge about relationships, romance, sex, love, marriage, and dating from real life hosts and listeners! Live Every Friday @ Midnight to 2 AM ET. Tune in, call in, turn up...Let's crank!

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"This Week's Topic?: Do Men Shop For Sex, While Women Shop For Relationships?...But do men in-turn pay for sex with relationships, and thus women pay for relationships with sex?!? With this in mind, should women not shop for relationships so blatantly?!? Considering men don't do it, and thus are generally turned off by the idea of it. Although, men do regularly subscribe to, value, respect, honor, etc relationships they are in, but they generally come about in the most organic fashions, vs ?shopping? for them. So what's the most affective way to sync-up the two genders for the purpose of relationships? This week's ?Hot Topics?: Physical Violence and Domestic Abuse (Ray Rice vs Adrian Peterson situation) Part II, Is it right to parallel sexual preference (orientation) to racial orientation? What's the difference in sexual orientation and sexual preference? Let's CHop it up! Tune in Friday at Midnight to 2 AM… Tune in, call in, share your opinion with the world: (347)637-3528 Follow us too: Facebook Instagram Twitter
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Physical Violence and Domestic Abuse Are not exclussively to having female victims! Men are significantly abused and victims of physical violence OFTEN in relationships by their female counterpart! We REALLY have to elevate our level... more

We are going to cover some of the various ?Show Topic? suggestions given by many of our listeners over the past month. These particular show topic suggestions seem like they would be stronger collectively than as full shows (2... more

Second chances and forgiveness go hand in hand, right? So you can't have a successful second chance without forgiveness, but maybe you can still forgive without giving a second chance. It can be counter-productive for people to ?back... more

Some people say that all relationships, marriage, and love are ?Hard Work,? but the work you put in can be rewarding when it's done right. Others say that love, relationships, and marriage would never be labeled as ?Hard Work? if people... more

For most people, there's no mistaking the feeling of being in love. The novelty of new love can preoccupy you with that person and make the world around you disappear. But when you really think about it, love is hard to define, and... more

All people benefit from an awareness of flaws, willingness to change, and growth in positive directions. It's important to be able to hear the positive advice within constructive criticism to find this awareness and power to change. There are... more

#LAism: Black people get and glorify the short end of the stick on everything! #NiggasTakeLow Ever notice how in our culture we deny our weaknesses and flip them into fake strengths! We look at the struggles our people have suffered as... more

We all hear about all the criteria for a healthy marriage, but how often do we hear Do You Need To Be Divorced to Know How To Be Married? Believe it or not, having been through the actual practicality of living with someone, and having a... more

Last Friday night's show was our 1 year anniversary broadcast on CrankHouse Radio! We started last year on Friday July 13th, 2013...wild how it's been a full year! Thankful n proud we could create n sustain a full year season!!!... more

This Friday night's show will be our 1 year anniversary broadcast on CrankHouse Radio! We started last year on Friday July 13th, 2013...wild how it's been a full year! Thankful n proud we could create n sustain a full year season!!! I will... more