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We choppin' it up...Learn and gain real life knowledge about relationships, romance, sex, love, marriage, and dating from real life hosts and listeners! Live Every Friday @ Midnight to 2 AM ET. Tune in, call in, turn up...Let's crank!

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What makes the deviance of homosexuality any different from any other sexual deviancy, or socially destructive action or lifestyle? The arguments are WEAK! And I haven't ever heard a sound or scientific justification for what makes... more

Today's Culture seems to clearly promote the blurring or even eradicating of the lines when it comes to the conventional and traditional gender roles of males and females. Between the current dances, dressing styles, terminologies & slangs... more

I've noticed that men and women make the comment that women are shallow and men are shallow. I know some really good men, with good head on their shoulders and they may feel like women don't cook, or clean, or women still... more

We all have seen the footage by now, and it is some of the wildest foolishness we've seen! A teenage female high school student is aggressively manhandled, grabbed, slammed on her neck, toss across the room and then violently... more

Most people believe in a higher power, right? We believe that there are positive and negative spirits all around, right? So why don't we talk about Spirit husbands and wives?? Spirit husbands and wives are those negative forces that guide... more

There are a variety of stigmas associated with the various shades of ?black? skin, within the black culture itself! For example: ?…she's pretty for a dark skinned girl…or, she's dark, but she got good hair...?Terms like: ?high yellow,... more

What is one of the biggest reasons marriages and relationships fail? Communication, right? Loyalty, right? Commitment, right? Well, before you even get to any of those points… the person needs to be able to fulfill those... more

Fighting in relationships and marriages in general can be both a good (healthy) and bad (toxic) thing depending on the nature of it all. Fighting is healthy in relationships when it is rare, and not multiple times a day, for example. And... more

Is there any validity to the notion that once someone has been hurt, and gotten used to being hurt in relationships, that they will not know how it feels when someone actually starts to appreciate them? And thus will be inclined to push... more

We are all different and need different things in our relationships, some need to preserve some sense of their ?own.? Whether it is a man with his sports teams or a woman with her favorite shows for examples, there may be many activities... more