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We choppin' it up...Learn and gain real life knowledge about relationships, romance, sex, love, marriage, and dating from real life hosts and listeners! Live Every Friday @ Midnight to 2 AM ET. Tune in, call in, turn up...Let's crank!

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What is one of the biggest reasons marriages and relationships fail? Communication, right? Loyalty, right? Commitment, right? Well, before you even get to any of those points… the person needs to be able to fulfill those attributes. Particularly, women have been accused of selecting the wrong man and then cry wolf once the connection fails. Ultimately, should woman be held MORE responsible for the demise in relationships, due to of their lack of scrutiny/or realistically evaluating their mate, than society has been giving them credit for? This is a very concerning question in our community in particular… Share your stories and examples with us and the world Friday night at Midnight till 2AM! Tune in...Call in...(347)637-3528... Share your opinions with the world!! https://www.facebook.com/CrankHouseRadio https://twitter.com/CrankHouseRadio https://instagram.com/crankhouse_radio
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Fighting in relationships and marriages in general can be both a good (healthy) and bad (toxic) thing depending on the nature of it all. Fighting is healthy in relationships when it is rare, and not multiple times a day, for example. And... more

Is there any validity to the notion that once someone has been hurt, and gotten used to being hurt in relationships, that they will not know how it feels when someone actually starts to appreciate them? And thus will be inclined to push... more

We are all different and need different things in our relationships, some need to preserve some sense of their ?own.? Whether it is a man with his sports teams or a woman with her favorite shows for examples, there may be many activities... more

Fighting over Money can ruin your marriage according to statistics; the top sure-fire way to be on your way to divorce court is lack of financial compatibility within the marriage. Studies have shown that financial problems are major... more

It's human nature to be selfish! Looking at things from our subjective POV is the most natural thing people do! That's why early in life we are taught, and have to learn how to be more selfless and not to offend others with our... more

Will Preserving the Dating Mentality Preserve the Marriage or Relationship Itself? How critical and valuable is preserving the dating mentality in your relationship? Will preserving the dating mentality preserve the marriage or relationship... more

This is such a popular concept and saying in the marriage and relationship community. But is it ALWAYS? If the honesty is broken in a marriage, it could potentially take several years of repair. Rebuilding takes trust, and trust is... more

Not one couple is problem-free, no matter how much love the relationship has. If you are problem-free, consider yourself extremely blessed! One problem that gets very little acknowledgement in marriages is when a partner/spouse has a... more

Lately on social media especially, there has been a bit of a tug of war between brothers and sisters (the Black community) on the topic of healthy vs. toxic cultural behavior and habits, and the subsequent highlighting of them or even... more

Is Listening to outside influences for relationship advice from friends, family, associates, and the like a recipe for disaster? If not, when is a good time to seek advice from others? Is there any valuable influence you can get for your... more