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We choppin' it up...Learn and gain real life knowledge about relationships, romance, sex, love, marriage, and dating from real life hosts and listeners! Live Every Friday @ Midnight to 2 AM ET. Tune in, call in, turn up...Let's crank!

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This Friday night's show will be our 1 year anniversary broadcast on CrankHouse Radio! We started last year on Friday July 13th, 2013...wild how it's been a full year! Thankful n proud we could create n sustain a full year season!!! I will... more

It's the billion dollar relationship question, and has been as long as we can remember. Women have been desperately wanting to know ?Why Men Cheat? as long a we can remember. (This could be looked at as a high desire, in men, for... more

How Critical is Being Equally Matched with Your Mate Sexually?!? We all have different sex drives and sexual interests. For some people sex is important but not as important as it may be for others. Some people need (well really WANT)... more

Are women more indecisive than men when it comes to relationships/partners? Some argue that men know EXACTLY what they want, and beyond that, they know they will not find it in one woman so they cheat. Do men seek relationships... more

Has much changed since you first started to date? Since you first had sex? Do you find that people and their preferences are changing or are you changing more so? Your desires, interests, parameters, and goals can all change over time,... more

Our relationship experiences (both good and bad) color our dispositions toward life, love, and trusting others. Unfortunately, people experience more non-successful/unfulfilling relationships than not, and this creates the scorned... more

What makes a strong woman? And what in particular differentiates her from a strong person? Many strong women say they need to be with a stronger man, but could they need an attitude change? An ability to get along is actually a... more

Do you expect your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, etc. to be one of these in Your Relationship? Then if so, are you living up to your own level of expectation of an Independent Woman or Grown Man? And what are the expectations... more

Are there parameters to having your mate/spouse as your "Best Friend"? What topics/convos could get you into trouble? What things may be better shared with ya Home Girls or Home Boys? What things should you share with your... more

This week we will go in hard on the Race Relations topic. Ask and answer all the Race Relationship questions you've always wanted to know. No hard feelings, just knowledge we can ALL learn from. For Example: Is it racist to only date ____... more