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A saucy melange of observational humor, hot sex, interviews and scrapbooking...lightly dusted with 79% cocoa and a pinch of kosher salt.

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With their complate inability to show anything resembling actual empathy for the death of another innocent ethnic, Conservatives have quite literally driven the final nail in the coffin of their right to call themselves American.

Defriending someone on Facebook: Audcaious power move or epic lapse of social etiquette? Let's delve, shall we?

These colors don't run...but they do fall behind.

Once again, an ass clown denizen of the Sunshine State takes a huge racist dump all over cyberspace.

It's been a while, so I'm just getting my feet wet (um, no, not literally, but if the thought of my moist tootsies gets yer motor revved, we can just go with that).

Catching my peeps on the last month or so...

The title says it all...

Yeah, we're talking to you, Mr. Faux GM fantasy tool.

Harry Connick's dad: singer, prosecutor, bullshit artist who allowed a man to spend fourteen years on death row due to complete and utter incompetence. That story and colorless food, today on Generic Radio.

Howie just experienced one of those life insurance commercials where the daddy disappears from the family photo...and some dude jumped right in his grave. There need to be rules and sure as shit this thing is gonna get sorted. Also, the... more