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What is an Entrepreneur? An Entrepreneur is a 'creator', someone who creates their life on their own terms. An Entrepreneur is someone who, through their creative talents, brings innovation and empowerment to the world, thus making it a better place. A Global Entrepreneur is the ultimate expression of this concept. This means that you are someone who wants to better the planet, build sustainable businesses, and maintain a connection to your spirituality thus insuring that all is done for the highest good of all concerned. Discover what it takes to become a start your own business, harness your creative talents, be your own boss, and play a role in the shaping of the future of the Planet from the most amazing minds of our time. You will hear interviews with NY Times #1 Best Selling Authors, Olympic Gold Medalists, Self Help Super Stars, Fortune 500 CEO's, and the World's Leading Edge Thinkers. To get on Global Entrepreneurs Mailing List please go to and enter your email. Interested in working with Chris? Go to and fill out the online form.

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Penney Peirce is a respected visionary and clairvoyant empath. She is known for her pioneering work in intuition development and her common-sense approach to spirituality and the development of expanded human capacities. A popular lecturer, counselor, and trainer, Peirce specializes in intuition development, ?skillful perception,? and dreamwork. Since 1977, she has counseled tens of thousands of individuals worldwide about life and business direction, and the fulfillment of destiny. Her clients include coaches, psychologists, scientists, and leaders in business, government, and the entertainment industry. She also advises other intuitives and trendsetters in the human potential movement. Peirce's work emphasizes the practical aspects of intuitive development, helping people apply ?direct knowing? to increase natural efficiency and their enjoyment and participation in life. She teaches that life functions according to innate natural principles, and when we live in alignment with these truths, things work smoothly and effectively. Her work assists people and organizations in uncovering their purpose and action plan, understanding and easing transitions, alleviating burnout, and finding accurate answers to pressing questions.
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