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World's Court Watchers Turn to Measure Small Town Corruption Billings Montana Yellowstone County

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Sui Juris (Pro Se) Love Thomas Wright Cooper (Loooooong) filed 2 requests for hearing to discuss critical filings Documents 23, 24, 25, 27 and 28 on 10/3/10 and 10/13/10 pointing out "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied" detailing discriminatory treatment due to lack of political favor spawned by Prosecutor Bryan R. Whittaker's personal relationships conflicts of interest compelling him to want to accommodate Deputy Green and a Judge in Park County Montana whom Love Thomas Cooper and his wife Charisse Randolph exposed for Theft U.S. Treasury Real Estate and Judicial Fraud. Docket Monitoring revealed Bryan Whittaker was prosecuting in the capacity of USDOJ in a jurisdiction where his temporary admission from TN TX had expired. USDC Billings MT Judge Jack D. Shanstrom is observed to have allowed counter intuitive legal procedures designed to ensnare pro se plaintiff by simply ignoring two motions for hearing. Mr. Bryan Whittaker Esq has parlayed Love Cooper's disadvantage of incarceration into abuse of Yellowstone County Sheriff Jay Bell's "In house Policies and Procedures - Detention Officer Position Description" by orchestrating access to Love Thomas Cooper's person and property by another prisoner on multiple occasions forcing Love Thomas Cooper to defend person and property satisfying Bryan Whittaker's objective to have Love Thomas Cooper out of the way for 30 days relieving Judge Jack D. Shanstrom from having to account for prejudicial failure to guard due process in this docket. Roxanne Grinage recorded conversation with desk sergeant on 08/17/10 406-256-6881 which confirmed "in house" discipline are invariably sentenced at least 30 days in "special housing unit". We will read Family's 081710 Letter Notice to Sheriff J. Bell with copies to USDOJ informing USDOJ of how their otherwise Honorable Department is suffering breaches harassment personal vendettas and denials of due process by small town practitioners. www.WhatIsThereLeftToDo.com 229-395-0039.


0:05 Roxanne Grinage

Disclaimer. Disclaimer. Blog Talk Radio does not agree with support or have any prior knowledge of the content or statements made in this broadcast. Roxanne Grinage having demonstrated 10 years standard access mechanism that raises quality of life by providing fair entry into competitive processes for a previously unmeasured, unaccommodated Worldwide Population of Disadvantaged Creators take full responsibility for the truthfulness, accuracy and verified fact checking of all statements and content made in this broadcast. Please enjoy the show today. It is an informative show. It is a consciousness-raising show where we are applying to a docket in a small town Billings, Montana, US district court docket. Our method of court watching and docket monitoring which measures individual accountability for a court reform state of emergency being suffered here by Americans across this country in our nation today. Okay, in this particular case, we are going to connect the relationships which we already have in a couple of previous shows and look at our blogs or go to whatistherelefttodo.com where you can monitor the docket in this particular case and go to blogtalkradio.com/courtreformdocketmonitoring and view the video journalism that is uploading the filing of Love Thomas Wright Cooper also known as Loooooong at youtube.com/defendlovecooper.

2:02 Roxanne Grinage

On behalf of all the people you have helped, Love Thomas Wright Cooper, all the people you have educated with regard to sovereignty and their Sui Juris rights and their constitutional rights, the sovereign rights given to them by God and supposedly reinforcing knowledge in our constitution that has fallen away to corruption and a court reform state of emergency here in country. We want to thank you, we are praying for you, we are supporting you. Your wife, Charisse Randolph has done a media blitz, a press release media blitz, to expose the corruption going on in a small town -- Billings, Montana, Yellowstone County -- which is fueled by the personal vendetta of a particular US Department of Justice prosecutor who was revealed, exposed, for not having the proper credentials to practice in that jurisdiction Bryan R. Whittaker, Esq. by the way, his temporary admission from Texas and Tennessee into practice in Billings, Montana. Jurisdiction did expire during Love Thomas Wright Cooper's trial prep in the docket US District Court Montana, Billings, Docket no 1Collin110CR00047-JDS did expire during that trial prep and that prosecution where he was not credentialed to practice in that jurisdiction and a docket monitoring search if we search him as a party and as an attorney in that same docket in the US District Court in Montana, you will see that he has prosecuted...

4:03 Roxanne Grinage

He is currently prosecuting some other defendant for federal cases in that court which he is not qualified to do so and -- well, even some dockets that were closed where there was a breach of due process and he didn't have the proper credentials to practice where his temporary admission did affect the file. So anyway, we believe that through publicly reporting we are demonstrating that if you publicly report the data activity of monitored dockets that the world can become aware because there are court watchers -- there are countries all around this world and our very own country law school students, business school students, technology students, our university and think tank community, our development community and our society preservations which our lawmakers are all very much interested in who is dropping the ball, whether there is individual accountability, not complaining about existing laws, policies and procedures as much as we have proof, evidence that there are people abusing their court positions, their practitioner positions to perpetrate official corruption, fraud, civil rights violations upon working class, students and impoverished litigants who are usually Pro Se litigants --in this case, this is a Pro Se litigants with jurors as sovereign Love Thomas Cooper known as Loooooong. If I have time I am going to play his little theme song that he used on his Blog Talk Radio Loooooong -- Long is with six O's. He's helped a lot of people. He is my son but I am applying my HireLyrics Administrative Services, standard access mechanism...

6:04 Roxanne Grinage

Docket monitoring, administrative solutions for this particular docket to help his wife and him expose what is going on and which will eventually help several other victims of corruption in not only that small town, Billings, Montana, and Park County, Montana where they exposed tax fraud, real estate fraud, US Department of Treasury fraud, and complained about the theft at their church property by corrupt Deputy Sheriff Green in Park County. And there was a judge out there who pretty much blew the lid off corruption when they exposed that she was practicing private transaction, forcing commercial transactions, outside of the appropriate judicial oath to do so. Okay, let's see, this is what we're going to try to get into today. We are limited to one hour here on Blog Talk Radio, so what we are going to do today is give another disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer. Blog Talk Radio does not agree with the group or support any or have any prior knowledge of the content or statements made in this broadcast. Roxanne Grinage having demonstrated 10 years standard access to those administrative services that when rendered contingently raise quality of life by providing fair access into those competitive processes, to guard and protect rights of ownership for a previously unseen, unmeasured, unaccomodated Worldwide Population of Disadvantage Creators takes full individual responsibility for the verified fact check, truthful accuracy of the comments and statement made in this broadcast. It's August -- it's Thursdays, August 18 2010 -- it's Wednesday, August 18, 2010. I really need to get some sleep, and let's see, we are going to read the show description which is now published at a blog, title: as blogs everywhere whatistherelefttodo.com...

8:04 Roxanne Grinage

Here on this Blog Talk Radio profile page and it's gone viral and a professional use as well because they're a media groups talk radio, on news magazine, 60 minute, 20/20, 48 hours, CNN and so on. So, let's talk news, CBS news, ABC news. Okay, world court watchers, it's time to measure small town corruption, Billings, Montana, Yellowstone County. Then we're going to read the county of Yellowstone class specification. It is the position description for a corrections officer there because this is going to be a major exhibit in the lawsuit that Love Thomas Wright Cooper and his wife Charisse Randolph will have against Billings, Montana, Yellowstone Correctional Facility, Park County, not only for the forced arrest and police brutality already suffered, but this will be an exhibit to show accountability for how in the world did the staff of Sheriff Jay Bell allow for certain inmates and prisoners to have multiple access and confrontations with Love Thomas Wright Cooper when their position description does in fact say that they are responsible for the safety and supervision of all inmates and at inmate activity. So, Love Thomas Wright Cooper was actually goaded into protecting himself on physical altercation to protect his own person and his property because we're going to connect the relationship, we're going to show because of a personal vendetta of the prosecutor Bryan R. Whittaker, he abused the staff of Sheriff Jay Bell who has Love Thomas Wright Cooper, a complainant, asking for hearings on documents, filings that Bryan R. Whittaker...

10:04 Roxanne Grinage

The prosecutor, tried to enter a motion to dismiss and strike from the record, an honorable Jack D. Shanstrom did in fact deny the prosecutor's motion to dismissed and -- which means that they do have to be heard eventually, the filing, this document number 23, 24, 27 and 28. And anyway, and they are disclosing and revealing, and publicly posting that there was a personal relationship enjoyed by the prosecutor Bryan R. Whittaker to have a temporary admission into Billings, Montana for personal reasons and thereby represents a conflict of interests which even after the temporary admission did expire, Bryan R. Whittaker continued to prosecute cases in the capacity of his representing US Department of Justice which is a violation of US Department of Justice who is an honorable organization as department, you know? So, okay, so, we're showing how people are abusing their positioning to cut corners and split crimes of denial of due process and discrimination upon people who are at a disadvantage because they are incarcerated, their voices taken away, their ability to function is taken away. So we're going to read deposition description for the county of Yellowstone class specification to show that individual accountability is going to be leveraged on Sheriff Von Jay Bell who's now been drawn into this quagmire of corruption in a small town, Billings, Montana Yellowstone Correctional Facility because his office, his staff was actually abused, misused, to cause the...

12:04 Roxanne Grinage

Confrontation that has resulted in the removal, of the at least 30-day removal and additional charges of an already disadvantaged prisoner to deny due process to serve the objective of an unscrupulous prosecutor, Bryan R. Whittaker and so that the US District Judge, Honorable Jack D. Shanstrom, does not have to take responsibility for not guarding timely due process as Love Thomas Wright Cooper's August 13th motion for hearing and August 3rd motion for hearing point out "justice delayed is justice denied." Then we're going to read his one page, August 13 filing fax transmittal submitted by wife, Charisse Randolph who is his council. And that's another thing, we're going to send dollars in a package which are -- which in the hole or not in the hole, the HireLyrics Administrative Service is the administrative service retained by Charisse Randolph who is council for Love Thomas Wright Cooper and these are attorney privileged papers that should not be delayed. If whether he is in the hole, these are not privileged papers. These are not a privilege. These are case specific related information that he is to get. We're sending it via certified mail and we are going to leverage accountability -- accountability with respect to loss of quality of life and forced commerce when denial of due process is inflicted. Okay, so let's see, we're going to read that, we're going to read the August 13th fax transmittal of Love Thomas Wright Cooper's second request for "Justice delayed is justice denied, a legal maxim..."

14:04 Roxanne Grinage

Asking again that his documents 23, 24, 27 and 28 be heard, discussed and reviewed by a US District Court Federal Judge as is his right to do so. Then we're going to read what he wrote in his own hand, appearances special August 3rd, document number 42 filing, motion for hearing to review filing 23, 34, 25, 27 and 28, written in his own hand, his first request -- actually his third request, and stamp received July 20th document 28. Mandatory judicial notice of no judicial powers, 11th amendment notice, 11th amendment violation and demand for administrative hearing against plaintiff. And we're going to read in the United States District Court for the district of Montana, document 24 filed 7/12 which is what the prosecutor Brian R. Whittaker tried to have stricken from the record, which the US District Judge did deny but has not heard yet, has not reviewed, his mandatory judicial notice summary of necessity to dismiss and where law is cited, case citation to cite. Okay, we're going to try to get all of that in and the 11th amendment violation as well. If we can get that read, that would be good too. Alright, but if for any reason we run out of time, please go to www.whatistherelefttodo.com and look at these documents yourself. They are available for any on the internet.

16:01 Roxanne Grinage

There is no security on them. They are uploaded to __16:03__. You can punch in any of these search __16:07__ Charisse Randolph Love Thomas Cooper the docket number, Bryan R. Whittaker, the assigned Federal Defender ordered to assist Steven Babcock. Punch some of these things and punch in Billings Montana, punch in Park County corruption, punch these things in and you can see these documents for yourself. Okay. God bless everyone. I am going to play a little bit of this theme song music here. I'm going to try. Okay. I don't have much time I have to upload it. Okay. God bless everyone. The next show is going to be done by Charisse Randolph and I think she is going to ask me to be a guest, but in the meantime I'm going to continue just recording on the documents recorded and I'm going to let you know whether or not he gets these items. Okay, let's start reading the...World's Court Watches Turn to Measure Small Town Corruption Billings, Montana, Yellowstone County. August 18, 8:51 AM. World's Court Watchers turn to small town Billings, Montana Yellowstone County, measure court reform, state of emergency posed, when a US Department of Justice prosecutor abuses small town personal vendetta to deny due process. Docket never lies! Corruption in government, U.S. economy fraud, court reform, state of emergency is measured in docket monitoring. Listen or download free satellite radio broadcasts blogtalkradio.com/courtreformdocketmonitoring on Blog Talk Radio hosted by Roxanne Grinage 10 year demonstrator of standard access to those administrative services that cause fair entry into competitive processes for the previously unmeasured, unaccommodated, Worldwide Population of Disadvantaged Creator. Monitor the docket US District Court Montana Billings, USA v Love Thomas Cooper 1:10-cr-00047-JDS at www.whatistherelefttodo.com, www.blogtalkradio.com/courtreformdocketmonitoring, www.youtube.com/defendlovecooper.

18:36 Roxanne Grinage

Sui Juris (Pro Se) Love Thomas Wright Cooper, Loooooong, filed two requests for hearing to discuss critical filings of documents 23, 24, 25, 27 and 28 on 10/3/10 and 10/13/10 pointing out, "Justice delayed is justice denied." Roxanne Grinage will read into the record of aggressively distributed satellite radio www.blogtalkradio.com/courtreformdocketmonitoring the documents Love Thomas Cooper asked US District Judge Jack D. Shanstrom to render due process and schedule hearing that impact freedom, justice and due process in this matter for the sake of truth in public record. Love Thomas Cooper's second filed respectful request for hearing August 13, 2010, "Justice delayed is justice denied" details discriminatory treatment due to lack of political favor measured via Roxanne Grinage's docket monitoring to respond by Prosecutor Bryan R. Whittaker's personal relationships which are conflicts of interest compelling him to want to accommodate Deputy Green and a Judge in Park County Montana whom Love Thomas Cooper and his wife Charisse Randolph exposed for theft of church property, tax fraud, U.S. Treasury real estate and judicial fraud.

20:21 Roxanne Grinage

Docket Monitoring revealed Bryan Whittaker was prosecuting multiple cases, some disposed, some closed, in the capacity of US Department of Justice in a jurisdiction where his temporary admission from Tennessee Texas had expired. US District Court Billings, Montana Judge Jack D. Shanstrom is observed to have imposed counter intuitive legal procedures designed to ensnare pro se plaintiff by simply ignoring two or three Sui Juris (Pro Se) motions for hearing "Justice delayed is justice denied." Although, ordered by the U.S. District Judge to assist Pro Se Defendant, Federal Defender Steven Babcock is uneffective for achieving time sensitive interface with the court on behalf of defendant or Love Cooper's family's request for information or assistance with filing time sensitive information with the U.S. District Court in Billings, Montana. Mr Bryan Whittaker Esq. has parlayed Love Cooper's vulnerability posed by incarceration into abuse of Yellowstone County Sheriff Jay Bell in-house policies and procedures, Detention Office Position Description by orchestrating access to Love Thomas Cooper's person and property by another prisoner on multiple occasions forcing Love Thomas Cooper to defend person and property satisfying Bryan Whittaker's objective to have Love Thomas Cooper out of the way for 30 days relieving Honorable Jack D. Shanstrom from having to account for prejudicial failure to guard due process in this docket.

22:15 Roxanne Grinage

Roxanne Grinage recorded conversation with desk sergeant on 08/17/10, telephone number (406) 256-6881, which confirmed in-house discipline hearings are supposed to be scheduled in 72 hours, but invariably sentenced at 30 days in "special housing unit isolation." Roxanne Grinage asked the desk sergeant if Love Thomas Cooper is in shackles, being denied food, water or other basic human dignities and the female desk sergeant is recorded answering "That would be illegal." However, when asked how the family could verify the health and safety of Love Thomas Cooper, the desk sergeant would only say, "Everyone here is responsible for his health and safety." When pressed again as to the appropriate way for learning whether Love Thomas Cooper is safe and not brutalized as already documented in his Park County arrest and unlawful detainment before being moved to Yellowstone Correctional Facility the desk sergeant was flip and said, "We don't give out our policies and procedures over the telephone. If you want to know our policies and procedures, you have to write Sheriff Jay Bell a letter." When Roxanne Grinage clarified that writing Sheriff Jay Bell a letter on any subject would not verify the condition health and safety of our family member Love Thomas Cooper, the desk sergeant recited, "No, this is in-house discipline. There is usually a hearing in 72 hours and sentencing is usually a minimum of 30 days in "special housing unit". No, the scheduled hearing, new charges and sentencing do not reflect on the docket of US District Court. "This is in-house discipline."

24:24 Roxanne Grinage

Again, Roxanne asked, who is responsible? Who is accountable for the consequences and adverse case processing, health and safety impact of Yellowstone Correction Facility's clandestine, unrecorded, so-called and so far unaccountable in-house discipline practices? The desk sergeant answered: Sheriff Jay Bell. We will read family's 08/17/10 letter notice to Sheriff J Bell and copies to US Department of Justice informing US Department of Justice of how their otherwise honorable department is suffering breaches, harassment, personal vendettas and denials of due process by small town practitioners, enclosed Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office Official complaint form and Love Thomas Wright Cooper's family's demands for answers as to how Yellowstone County Detention Officer position description was violated to allow multiple co-prisoner trespass invasions of Love Thomas Cooper's cell until physical altercation ensued to protect person and property. Family wants to know name of prisoner Love Thomas Cooper was fighting with as this inmate will be shown to have been used by prosecutor Bryan R. Whittaker to cause loss of due process for Love Thomas Cooper pushed into isolation for at least 30 days per desk sergeant conversation with Roxanne Grinage. Public docket disclosure connects conflict of interest relationships already measured by monitoring a US District Court Montana Billings USA v Love Thomas Cooper 1:10-cr-00047-JDS docket riddled with discrimination, plagued by woes of small town corruption.

26:31 Roxanne Grinage

Also, Love Thomas Cooper's wife, Charisse Randolph, is issuing massive media blitz press release which will be read into the public record via satellite radio on a talk radio show Reesie will schedule. Roxanne Grinage will publish the contents of the viral press release in blog journal at whatistherelefttodo.com and blogtalkradio.com/courtreformdocketmonitoring and youtube.com/defendlovecooper as video journal when available. I think we have enough time -- we have just enough time I hope we could check Love Thomas Wright Cooper's document 28 filed 7/2010 page 1 of 6 pages. I think we can get that in. Let me just start reading this. Okay, its' very important. Case cash and Love Thomas Wright. This is filed 7/20/2010, six pages, document 28 in the docket US District Court Montana Billings 1:10-cr-00047-JDS, stamp received clerk of court, July 20 2010, stamped with Love Thomas Wright Cooper's sovereign seal 7/19/10.

28:00 Roxanne Grinage

Love Thomas Wright: Of the family Cooper copywrite it propia persona, principle (real living transient man), c/o 1106 West Park St. 158 Livingston, Montana near (59047) TDC non-domestic without the United States 4. LOVE THOMAS WRIGHT COOPER copywriting legal juristic person defendant. In the United State district court for the district of Montana billings division. United States of America, plaintiff, versus Love Thomas Wright Cooper copyrighted. Defendant CR1047-BLG-JDS Jack D.Shanstrom, Superior Judge. Mandatory judicial notice of no judicial power 11 amendment notice, 11 amendment violations and demand for administrate hearing against plaintiff. Document 28 for which all of these conspiracy, obstruction, to deny process is being done because Love Thomas Wright Cooper to be thrown in a hole for at least 30 days is to block exposure and hearing discussing of these filing, mandatory judicial notice of no judicial power 11th amendment, notice, 11th amendment violation and demand for administrative hearing against plaintiff.

30:00 Roxanne Grinage

Look at the docket, watch that docket, monitor that docket on the 20th July. The prosecutor Brian R. Whittaker did motion can strike this and the other filings of Love Thomas Cooper, but the judge denied that motion. So Brian R.Whittaker had to resort to other tactics -- unethical tactics albeit. However, he has got to move Love Thomas Cooper out of the way so his voice of truth based in true law cannot be heard. This is not subjective law. This is law. So there are tactics that are done to stop the practice of law and by monitoring the docket activity, you will be able to connect the relationships to leverage individual accountability to see who is misusing, abusing law enforcement. Corrections officials and our courts to perpetrate a court reform state of emergency upon the working class, students, and impoverished Americans who live here in the United State of America. Now, notice to principle is in admiralty. Noticed of principle is noticed to agent, noticed to agent is notice to principle. I am not an attorney nor am I formally schooled in the law and you must consider this and construe my pleadings and please liberally, see Haynes versus Denver for the 404 U.S at 5/20 who are an 1980 grant Barella versus Estella 660 F2nd 592 1981. Notice and affidavit heading. All judicial power of the inferior court comes from the judiciary act of night 1789 as the attorney general position, judicial power Shanstrom article 3 section 2 of the constitution. The 11th amendment removed all judicial power in law, equity, treaties, contract law, and the right of the state to bring suit against the people, the positions of attorney general and prosecutor of both the United States and the several states, come under the judicial branch not the executive branch in the government.

32:42 Roxanne Grinage

All attorneys come under the judicial branch and are judicial officers under the Supreme Court, not under the Secretary of State as licensed professionals which means they can only represent the court and not the people or the state. The 11th amendment removed all judicial power from the inferior court and the prosecutor's office as well as from all court officers in law equity and so forth. The 11th amendment also makes a __33:14__ state separation from the position of the public office positions to throw off the people. The people have 11th amendment immunity because there is no judicial power of the inferior courts and the people have foreign sovereign immunity. Article 3 section 2 U.S. constitution, the judicial power shall extend to all cases in law and equity arising under this constitution and the laws of the United States and treaties may or which shall be made under their authority to all cases of affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, to all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction, to controversies to which the United State shall be a party to controversy between 2 or more state, between a state and citizens of another state, between citizens of different states, between citizens of the same state claiming lands on the grass of different state and between a state, or the citizens that are in foreign state citizens or subject. 11th amendment heading: The judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suite in law or equity, commence to or prosecuted against one the United States by citizens of another state or by citizens or subjects of any foreign state. NOW COMES LOVE THOMAS WRIGTH COOPER copywrited the practitioner with this no judicial power 11th amendment. Notice 11th amendment violation and demand for and administer of hearing against plaintiff.

35:02 Roxanne Grinage

The hearing officer in charge is aware that the 11th amendment removed all judicial power from this hearing, tying it into an administrative hearing with no judicial power to rule in or on law equity, treaties, contract, law or issues between the state or the United State and its people. The hearing officer is aware, as is the petitioner, that the authority delegated by Article 3 Section 2 of the constitution for the United State of America was amended and revoked by the 11th amendment on February 05, 1795. The hearing officer is also aware that the offices of attorney general and prosecutor were created under the same judiciary yet, as were the inferior courts. When the 11 amendment remove judicial power from the court it also removed judicial power from the prosecution. Any prosecution done in law, equity contract law, treaties or claims by the state against the people, that constitutes punitive fraud and dishonest service due to the salary contract that the public official has with the people to perform his/her duties as a hearing officer and prosecution officer. These contracts of these public officers are private contracts under the constitution Article 1, 2 and 3, and under the compensation clause for services to the people. It is a fact that a pleading cannot be placed before a court without judicial power and 12B1 and 12B2 of the FRCP federal civil procedure and the set civil rules of procedure clearly defines why there is no judicial power before which to make such a pleading. The petitioner now demands dismissal due to lack of judicial power and jurisdiction and demands to grant sweats equity to the petition for labor and time required to address this hearing at a rate of $15,000 per appearance, $250 per hour, for labor and any part of such hour or the time required to deal with this issue. With payment in full at time of the dismissal of this hearing. This is option A, or this is Roxanne in setting my comment here.

37:43 Roxanne Grinage

This is why the prosecutor has worked so hard to move Love Thomas Cooper out of the way because the court signing actual law shows a forced commercial transaction, thereby placing the prosecution in debt to the petitioner. In this case, the person he has harmed, forced a commercial transaction with Love Thomas Wright Cooper. Alright, back to -- we're on page 4 of 6 of documents 28 filed by Love Thomas Wright Cooper on July 28, 2010 or option B. Require the hearing officer to convene this court as administrator under congressional mandate as period 760 statutes 237 of the administrative procedure act of 1946 so that the petitioner can set for such claim of injury under civil right violation RICO. Threat of a firearm to compel petitioner at threat of extortion, kidnapping, missions of emergency light, assault with intent to injure, violation of domestic terrorism, and contract people violation increasing the public debt. Those are all the things that the -- all the crimes that were committed in Park County to cause the false arrest, detainment, and incarceration, and __39:22__ of freedom and forced commerce against Love Thomas Wright Cooper and his wife Charisse Randolph Cooper. The petitioner now places a 14th amendment section 4 bounty against the plaintiff and against the public debt and demands $150,000,000 for any such contractual violation against the public debt plus any amount of public debt approved by that private party. In such, a contractual agreement between that party and the petitioner at such time and place that is agreed upon to conduct such contractual agreement.

39:57 Roxanne Grinage

You see, you've heard many times, "Follow the money." Follow the money. Right? We all know that data the __40:10__ is showing that government has lost its ability to even see, hear, understand or care about quality of life for the American family here in America. But we see also that through the dispensing of federal, state funds, recovery act funds, stimulus funding U.S. Department of Treasury that our government is mechanized to click off in gear-like fashion, mechanized fashion commerce, money, transactions, contract. The challenge is pinpointing where any party forced a commercial transaction by violation of your constitutional law. Right? So Love Thomas Wright Cooper has spelled this out, detailed this with great quality beyond the shadow of anyone's doubt and in the process educating those who may not be aware of it, right? Of now the prosecution get to quote the people to the harm that they caused to Love Thomas Wright Cooper and his wife Charisse Randolph and their property. By forcing commercial transaction and violating constitutional law and the administrative procedure act to do so. Alright, that ends my editorial comment and now let's go back to the filing 7/20 document 28 of Love Thomas Wright Cooper. Such public debt then shall paid to the petitioner and for the time and place specified upon the conclusion of such agreement by the parties entering into such contractual agreement. The plaintiff has now created more public debt which now needs to be paid back to the public. The plaintiff in this case is USA and who's representing USA?

42:07 Roxanne Grinage

Brian R.Whittaker. So Brian R. Whittaker's actions -- unethical and unlawful actions -- has actually created more debt. The citizen are forced by forcing commercial transactions under the false pretenses. The plaintiff has now created more public debt which now needs to paid back to the public, the citizen share the debt owed as $720,000 which is to be paid to the petitioner as they are part of this public debt. The petitioner will remind the hearing officer of a sanction for such violation under administrative procedure Title 5 USC section 551 which includes repaying the public debt under 14th amendment bounty by removal from office of the plaintiff and other parties involve loss of benefits, loss of performance bonds, and any other bonds to that position to pay the public debt as well as paying back all wages collected when carrying out judicial fraud and loss of the public and other party's properties such as home, vehicles, bank accounts, stocks share in all court cases due to illegal game of such items by way of fraud perpetrated on the defendant. All of these create the public debt by the plaintiff and the court and parties by this action against the petitioner Love Thomas sign Love Thomas Wright Cooper by Charisse Randolph. Attorney has said Love Thomas Wright of the family Cooper authorize representative agent Love Thomas Wright Cooper. Alright, I __43:49__. You know this is so powerful what I am going to do with these -- even though this is happening in Billings Montana and everything about a criminal case, this is completely consistent in alignment with helping to educate and raise consciousness and helping those systematic victims of official corruption, fraud, civil rights violation by way of denial of due process and constitutional rights violation that are being victimized by __44:24__ corruption in government.

44:28 Roxanne Grinage

The American family, human trafficking sets off our children through federally funded and forced commercial transactions, human trafficking, safety of our children. By department of human services and state courts that are over stepping and blurring the line of jurisdiction to violate constitutional right and decimate the finances, earnings, forced commercial transactions and steal property and person in our CPS corruption in government clean up initiative. So what I am going to do is I am going to tight the time sentence.

45:09 Roxanne Grinage

__45:10__ so that the search engines aggressively pick up this contents -- this 11th Amendment notice because it's extremely powerful and you could see the motive as you are measuring and docket monitoring your measuring method, your measuring motive. What motive will these people have for lying in official court documents? What motive do these court position people have for false supplying filings, for destroying filings, for trying to squash filings or just never hearing filings. What motive would a US District Court Judge have in a small town for ignoring a petitioner's twice requested request for hearings of a filing. Because they don't want the truth to get out that this is all commercially motivated. And it's about the commercial, financial agenda of relationships that are court positioned. They have nothing to do, in this case, it's the prosecutor with the Billings Montana US District Court __46:14__ you will see, look up this position where his temporarily admission not individual -- his name is in the search engines that pops up -- who files petitions for his temporarily admission. They bring on their friends. It's nepotism corruption. And is so doing they defraud the public debt. And they owe the people a lot of money and when someone points that out, and point it out not emotionally and not irately and not with any personal agenda but with a lawful agenda based in law, constitutional law and administrative procedures that include rational acts. Then their only recourse is to act criminally, which is what Bryan R Whittaker has done. He has acted criminally to abuse the law enforcement staff, the correctional officer's Billing of Yellowstone County Sheriff Jay Bell.

47:05 Roxanne Grinage

And that can be proved as well and it only increases the lawsuits. It only increases the amount of the public debt and it increases proof, evidence due diligence that is reported to a US Department of Justice, which the US Department of Justice says, "The US Department of Justice is an honorable organization, headed by US Attorney General Eric Holder. And I strongly believe that President Obama has given broadened homeland security rights and US Department of Justice rights to go in and be self-correcting to clean up. I don't believe any person esquire, bearing the title judge or esquire is exempt even if they are holding an esquire title supposingly representing the US Department of Justice on behalf of the Unites States when it can be shown as in this case, Bryan R Whittaker, can be shown to have a abused his position, that he is not credentialed to represent the US Department of Justice. I believe that Eric Holder will eventually authorize intervention and this nation will see federal indictment that will begin in the corruption in government, the clean up initiative corruption in government here in America to both deal with the slaughter of families and the court reforms state of emergency that is perpetrating with slaughter of families, squashing out voices. Okay. I just want to give a statement to Love Thomas Wright Cooper, my son. And let you know that all the people you have helped thank you and you are...Thank you for your -- we are grateful for your sacrifices, your courage in standing and not looking the other way and not backing down, but standing firm on your sovereignty, your beliefs...

49:11 Roxanne Grinage

You God-given right to freedom. And in so doing, educating all of us along the way. That is our right, too. I ask for everyone in my constituency, I have a constituency of people that I have helped, they are mainly CPS corruption in government victims. So HireLyrics Administrative Services and a public reposted US citizens control public docket database, whether or not you consider yourself a citizen or a sovereign, I want everyone in my constituency to please pray and we know that the strength of payers has carried us as far as it has in this fight for our liberty and freedom in our rescue of our children and our families from modern day slavery through hour constitutional right that is enabled by our constitute systematic immunity abuse of the __50:02__ on modern day slavery. We are being sold into slavery through the systematic abuse of our constitutional rights and the squashing of our voices. So, I just want the people who in my constituency who feel any type of gratitude for my services rendered unto them to please pray for Charisse Randolph, the wife of my son, who has vigilantly taken up this fight to represent him and will stand with him courageously and who am I very proud of, who is deserving it [laughter]. Who has finally got my blessing to be deserving to be with my son. Okay. So...Her work, she has earned the name of sovereign council in her own right. She has stood firmly. Look at some of the you tube videos. Look and see how she is knowledgeable about constitutional law, she is preparing these filings and please pray for her strength. Please pray for her endurance.

51:09 Roxanne Grinage

Please pray that she have God's grace and that both Love Thomas Wright Cooper and Charisse Randolph are carrying through this with God's grace and under his protection. Okay? Thank you for everything you guys are doing. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your courage and thank you for the example, your power of example that you are providing for our constituency, which gives CPS corruption in government victimized families the knowledge that we do have constitutional rights and we do have sovereignty and freedoms given to us by God. You know? And that more and more of us are using Sui Juris, applying our Sui Juris and Pro Se right to complain about not __51:55__, but official corruption, fraud and civil rights violations in our federal courts. And we are taking them to our appeals courts and we are jumping up and down, screaming and pleading for US Department of Justice Eric Holder and US Government Accountability Office to audit and intervene where there are forced commercial transaction. Okay. I'm running out of time, you guys. I did not have time to play Love Thomas' theme song music and so here we go. Maybe I'll do it another time. Alright, we will see. If we can get it uploaded before the show. If not...Okay, in honor of Love Thomas Cooper and the work he did as talk radio show host and video journalist and have encouraging journalism, and educating communities and sovereignties and constitutional law, we are going to play his theme song, which was pretty much mad famous as this show is a talk show radio host personality on blogtalkradio.com/loooooong with six Os.

53:13 Roxanne Grinage

Okay? We pray and we will honor Love Thomas Wright Cooper Loooooong and his wife and partner standing at his side, very knowledgeable and helping many people be educated to protect their sovereign rights, raising quality of life for many Americans who are searching for ways to survive a court reforms state of emergency, which HireLyrics documents to docket monitoring. But different people have different styles, different styles for defending our constitutional right and our God-given right to life, liberty in the pursuit of happiness. So we are going to play his theme song. He has rights to this theme song, Love Thomas Wright Cooper Loooooong is copywrited. This is his theme song, a little quick with a little extra -- about 1 minute and 41 seconds. We honor you Love Thomas Wright Cooper and your wife, Charisse Randolph Cooper. Anyone in the constituency that has benefited by Roxanne Grinage doing business as HireLyrics Administrative Services. For Roxanne Grinage doing business as US citizens public docket database. Please pray for, join with and help in whatever way you can, these people, Charisse Randolph Cooper and Love Thomas Wright Cooper who have the courage to make the sacrifices necessary to expose the truth of court position assailants who are acting criminally to the fibers of our constitutional rights and base all their local arguments in law, through constitutional law, and they produce lawful exhibits which include the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Administrative Procedure Act.

55:04 Roxanne Grinage

Alright. And various state constitutions. God bless everyone. Here is Love Thomas Wright Cooper as Loooooong talk radio show host singing music. God bless you all.