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This show is mainly about the current events which are happening in politics today. While it will have a democratic overtone to it, there will also be good points brought up by any republican or conservative. This is all about bringing reality and not delusion to the forefront.

On-Demand Episodes

Bring it on

Going to talk about the hypocrisy on the right and explain bits of the Constitution and it's ACTUAL meaning versus the meaning people WANT to give it.

Enough is enough of the hate from BOTH sides

All about the new congress

A continuation of a previous broadcast

This is going to be show basically dedicated to how America managed to screw themselves with their pants up by electing these yahoos to control the house.

These three people have been the cancer of politics for the past few years. Spewing their hate speech and ridiculous lies. But are they geniuses or morons? Do they actually believe what they say or is it all an act?

When is it time to say enough is enough? From Ann Coulter to Rush Limbaugh; the Tea Party rallies and even the democratic rallies - are the signs harmful to society? Sarah Palin's transgressions to Obama's words taken out of context.... more

Organized religion is fast becoming the ruination of the world. This show will be open to calls. Religion is supposed to be about peace and love, yet lately all it has been about is hate and fear.

I will be discussing the party's that have become a thing of the future, like the Tea Party as well as the 'liberal' party.
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