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#70 Courage To Be God's Daughter Oversights

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Oversights, those little things that we do or do not do that could make our life full of irritation or full of joy and steady progress. For me this week, it was forgetting my tennis shoes at church and having to do my walking in other shoes. I was a bit miserable because I walk everywhere and my knee was bothering me from not wearing the right support and I had blisters because of the sandals I walked in. It is important to recognize that life has its calamities that we have no power over and then that there are many things that we do have control over if we will only take it. These things can really cause great discomfort and aggravation. I mentioned how I have developed the pattern of looking at my life, my goals, and my belongings about every six weeks and assessing if they are in line with my values and the direction that I want to go in life. It has done a lot to help me continue to progress in the direction that I want to go. The armor of God was mentioned (Ephesians 6:11-14). Specifically noting that we live in an evil day and we need to be aware of that and be prepared, We started to speak about "loins gird about with truth. To know the meaning of the power of procreation and the strength of it and how to bring it into compliance is a huge thing. Especially if you were molested as a child and your virtue or sense of choice in the matter was removed. A thought I received in the wee hours states that "virtue happens in that place that is completely open and completely closed at the same time". What does that mean? I believe to be able to love and care for another one must be in a place that is vulnerable to ones heart and psyche. It can be a scary or fragile place I think, one that I am not so sure many of us seal off and don't really experience much as adults. The closed part is that shield of faith that goes before us, knowing that certain powers are to be used as God declares only. =discipline/disciple till next time, Ann