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Courage To Be God's Daughter


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We can only bear testimony from where we are. In so doing we are allowed to grow into greater understandings. This show represents what I would leave for my posterity so that they understand my journey and my understandings of life and those things that have aided me in the journey.

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This is such a real issue in the world today. I really believe that if we could unlock the key to the issue of forgiveness we just might be able to understand how the world could get along and end the illusion of war and strife. Even if a few really... more

I know that I need to do this show and that I need to do it now. I know that forgiveness is the key to the work that I have been called to do here on earth and anything that can help me understand it and more toward it will help me. I... more

Lets consider the meaning of forgiveness. We all want it. We all have struggled with giving it. Have we truly understood its meaning? I mean, its meaning as God intended. I suggest that A Song of Prayer from A Course In Miracles will give us... more

I have studied about faith and prayer, etc. all my life but my study of A Course In Miracles has expanded my witness and comprehension of them on a level I never dreamed possible. Things that I thought I would only understand after I was... more

We can be the mecca for change. We have the ability to reach others today in ways unconcieved in times past and humanity is coming of age and coming to know herself for who she really is. Lets be a part of it!

Enemies...we all have them, everyone has known a bully...but what do we truly sacrifice in making them real? I suggest that we sacrifice our peace of mind, our energies that could be used in better places and better ways, and we sacrifice... more

I have consciously prayed all of my conscious life. I talked to Jesus as a child and later learned to pray in his name. There are types of prayers that have been written that people honor and revere. I adore The Lord's Prayer and have used... more

And so it is required that we exercise belief in the truth that we are united as humanity and that we are united with God. Thankfully we have the Holy Ghost that witnesses of that to Us from the Father and sends our acceptance of... more

I had not been taught to give thanks when I was really young but I do remember knowing that Jesus was there watching over me. I remember the childhood belief and knowledge that he was there and was concerned about who I was... more

A state of prayerful being can allow you to endure all situations and be taught and directed by the Holy Ghost. It can help you look at the difficult things of life without shying away from it. He truly can give you a different way to look at the world.... more
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