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We can only bear testimony from where we are. In so doing we are allowed to grow into greater understandings. This show represents what I would leave for my posterity so that they understand my journey and my understandings of life and those things that have aided me in the journey.

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00:32 we look at it as something to cling to, to defend to the very end? Do we allow sin to replace God? Are we clinging to life or holding on dearly to death? The answer is far too obvious. What if we change the definition of sin to a... more

Sin, have you ever thought that it is possible to be addicted to the idea of sin? I mean to the energy of guilt and the self abuse that it brings us? I suspect this may be possible and we will explore this today

What a fascinating journey! This time we have been given for discovery and seeking for the meaning of life and cutting through the mists of illusion that confront us on every turn. Choices guided by the inner voice of reason and deity,... more

Courage to be includes being willing to step out when you are not entirely sure what lies ahead. Without this component in life where is faith? I am reaching for truth, knowing it can be applied to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter... more

I love life! I am learning all the time! I would have it no other way. The day in the temple was fabulous and special time with the family topped it off. :)

I believe that I need to study what the Holy Spirit directs me to. I also believe that I must myself clean in thought and action to be able to discerrn truth from error. I feel as if I am entering the lion's cage as I study the ACIM because it could be... more

Discovery!!! I love it!! And where to find it but in the mind of man as he strives to link with the Divine! Do we not all feel this longing?

Right NOW. We can do it but not on our own. We need each other and the Holy Ghost. We also do all that we do by the power of God alone so we obviously need him. Come, lets explore this wonderful thing we call life.

I am ready to explore the witness that I will receive from the Holy Ghost as I jump on board and just talk about where I am today. I will speak from my background as a adult convert member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day... more

It has been an awesome adventure to read The Miracle of Forgiveness by Spencer W Kimball with you. I find that I have grown in so many ways. The challenges in life are great when we fight them and ourselves and God. In... more
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