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Courage To Be God's Daughter


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We can only bear testimony from where we are. In so doing we are allowed to grow into greater understandings. This show represents what I would leave for my posterity so that they understand my journey and my understandings of life and those things that have aided me in the journey.

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(My apologies, due to a technical error this program was not produced on the original date. I hope you enjoy the program.) When we see ourselves as bodies and are focused on the egos issues instead of on God and His Will we will see... more

The Holy Spirit testifies of truth wherever it is found. The challenge is knowing when it is His voice and when it is yours. That comes with responding to His voice and seeking His companionship. I personally believe that we all have access... more

ACIM Clarification of Terms 5:2:1 "The name of Jesus is the name of one who was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God." We are to be as Jesus was in this sense and realize who we truly are... more

How can I say this? Because I have experienced it. And it is something I long for above any other pleasure in this world. I will acknowledge that the pursuit of knowing God has allowed me to embrace what is in my life with greater joy and... more

This is the core of our dilemma as Christians. Even as Latter day Saints we focus on the body and its rewards in terms of family and often miss the spiritual message behind our doctrine, I believe. A Course In Miracles seems to suggest... more

I want to look for ways to define or explain some of the principles that I am learning about in ACIM through incidents in everyday life. Remember please that ACIM is not an intellectual journey but an experiencial journey that aligns our... more

Jesus came to teach us of the reality of the Son of God and Christ. What do men say that I am? Only God is good. Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist. (see Matt 11:11) Jesus did not say... more

The Nothingness Only Seems To Be... Yesterdays' reading was a difficult one to read because it seemed to play on fancy words and not speak directly and yet how does one describe nothingness that appears real? What we think we are... more

It almost sounds like I am making mankind greater than the Son of God or that I am saying He is the cause of all our ills or that He needed to be forgiven doesn't it? Yes, and in this crazy, mixed up dream state that we live in I would say... more

The challenge in A Course In Miracles in this regard is that it is Christ who made the mistake and that we need to see Christ as each of us as a whole rather than one man. Even if that man is Jesus Christ himself! As long as we see him as... more
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