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We can only bear testimony from where we are. In so doing we are allowed to grow into greater understandings. This show represents what I would leave for my posterity so that they understand my journey and my understandings of life and those things that have aided me in the journey.

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I did not think that I was going to record today. It has been a very emotional and trying day. The conclusion of it brought things in to play in such a way that I knew that I simply had to bear testimony of what I am feeling. Bottom line...we need... more

As I live life and reconcile the many things that the Holy Ghost is teaching me I cannot help but reflect on how important it is to follow His promptings. Depression is threatening me, the kind that can make you imobile and stop you in... more

Technical difficulties will not delay the work that I have been inspired to do, not in the Lord's time because I happen to know that His timing is perfect. If it gets delayed that is from my perspective and that is my issue. I am at peace with how... more

My goal is to share A Course In Miracles with you and ponder the possibility of its truthfulness. It is different, I know, from what I have read in the past and there are plenty of things that I would not want to review here. This has impressed me... more

Love this work!! Love this work!! It just changes how you look at life and that means everything!

In looking at any writing it is important to consider as much as possible who wrote it, to whom, for what purpose or what was the request at the time, and how might it serve Heavenly Father's purposes. After all, as children of the one true... more

I must follow the Holy Ghost and the whispers of my heart as I leave testimony of what I believe and why. Life is made up of symbols. Only when we take life for granted and believe that we are the masters of it do we not walk in reverence... more

I want to wrap up the info in the NDE that I have been talking about the last two shows. I also will read from the ACIM and testify of what I know at the present. From the NDE: ". I had not grown up in a family with religion and so had taken it... more

I have to do this. I do not have all the answers but I am getting some very powerful ones and the only way for it to continue to be manifested is if I record the journey. I know there is salvation in Christ. I believe with my whole heart that we... more

We can do this! We can change the world! I believe it with my whole heart! I have finished the book A Course In Miracles. I want to start off with a Near Death Experience I found that will witness what I believe that we are capable of... more
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