Courage To Be God's Daughter


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We can only bear testimony from where we are. In so doing we are allowed to grow into greater understandings. This show represents what I would leave for my posterity so that they understand my journey and my understandings of life and those things that have aided me in the journey.

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We decide every moment who we will serve and what reality we will take ahold of. It is really our choice whether we live in recognition of God's presence and are aware of it. Not that we can change or alter that truth, by anything that we... more

Conflict, no one likes it. Where does it come from. How do we avoid it? ACIM has answers

I want to look at two readings today from A Course In Miracles. Both are in T 24, V.That is the 24th chapter of the text and section V within it entitled The Christ in You. I want to look at the 1st and 9th paragraphs. I am currently in a deep study... more

There are modalities and methodologies common to every philosophy or culture that draws us to the remembrance of our place and purpose in the family of man. Christ is the head. He was the first to walk on the earth and know that he was,... more

The Lord has given us the plan and will of God as pertaining to the manner of order by which man is to live. It is the family. This is by the design of the creator and directed and supported by His Son. We must decide if we are going to... more

`It is so sad to hear of Robin Williams passing. I suspect my daughter's passing to be a suicide as well. Even if it was not directly I know that she had those thoughts and that she had been pushed out of her place of "being" within the world she... more

This conversation has to take place. We have to look at Him in His true form and with the light of the Holy Ghost with us. We have the word from the prophets that give us the outline but to truly know Him we have to take a look at... more

As I seek to allow the Holy Ghost to direct where I go with this program I am astonished at His teachings. I knew that I needed to allow Him to direct things but I have to tell you I did not know where it was going. To be sure I could... more

Search, Ponder, and Pray, right...Well, that is what I have been doing for over 30 years, about one thing...Salvation...I have sought God's voice and will, knowing that mankind had the whole thing a bit mixed up. Have I got a story for you. I... more

If this world is false that I perceive by my ego and God is what is real, then it is God's Light that I choose to give up my "false life" to be. In Christianity we are told there is a Light of Christ within each of us. My desire is to have that grow... more
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