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This should be good content for - not only going to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, but going with Jason Moffatt and Randy Primm! We are driving in the RV's today, so I am not sure I'll have internet... more

Wow, who knew that less than a week could feel like a month of travel. Started by consulting on the road to my show listeners. That was great- I got to learn about them, and help them with their lives. I arrived in time to make it out for Poker... more

Using social media, I've been asking people what they want to hear from me. I'ave had many demands for my adventures, and for my whacky perspectives on things.... today, I will make my predictions about Pad technologies... such as the... more

I am extremely proud to bring you Peter Shankman to the show. Peter is brilliant! He's kind of a roll model of mine, and I've mentioned him many times already. What can you learn from Peter? Peter is a master of PR, and we will talk about... more

Couch Surfing Radio is brought to you from Ausin this week. You will briefly hear from Peter Shankman, as promised. This week we will discuss an internet Scam, and how you can avoid falling for them, as well as some tips on what to do... more

Of course you can expect to laugh at jokes, hear some crazy stories about my random adventures, and learn some marketing resources that will save you hours.... This week we have a unique guest: Elizabeth Potts Weinstein. Other... more

Couchsurfing Ori presents CouchSurfingRadio-- enthralling tales of adventures, marketing lessons, tips on life, goofy stories, zany and inspiring guests, and.... you get to pick Ori's brain for free, instead of $500 per hour This week we have... more

Who is Couchsurfing Ori? What is Couchsurfing? How do you make money on the road? What is the new terrorist threat really about? What's in store for 2010?