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A Community of Souls living in the Heart, open to new insights and information, living in Oneness, exploring the inner and outer Cosmos of the Heart as we move with Divine Ease and Grace through our Great Shift in Consciousness. Please EnJoy the On Demand shows :)

On-Demand Episodes

The Guardians for the Shift will make themselves known in this show, sharing about their own paths and their role in this group of Guiding energy focuses for the Earth plane of awareness at this time. As we move deeper into and closer... more

We exist within the framework of a genetic and a Spiritual Blueprint, that attracts to us our lesson plans, and focuses us on bringing forth our inner gifts. How do we access our Spiritual Blueprint, to bring greater Love into our... more

As Humans, we have a close connection with our Mother Earth, or Gaia, as many think of her: What would it be like, to have a planet for a friend? How would you be together? What would you talk about together? Just as you would ever... more

I will be speaking about Living in the Heart, in the full Beauty of Love: Being in that space now, as it is already here for us, as we can allow it in...living in the Oneness of our Creator's Love. This is the place of Being we will be in, in the... more

Have you ever wondered, what will it be like to be living in the 4th Dimension, the 5th, or with your Galactic Families? What experiences or memories do you have, of the next phase of our evolution into a place where fear is... more

Revised sound file uploaded...apologies re technical difficulties in first part of original show :) Discussion on what it is like to live embodied at this incredible time of Shifting of Consciousness...bringing the Soul Self into this Human... more

What is the bigger picture for our planet? What role do the Galactics play in this Shift? Why is Love so important as the foundational process for us now? Timelines and different concepts of our Shifting process... These issues and... more

What is this Great Shift in Consciousness? Why is it so important to be ready for it? What is going on with Mother Earth and climate changes? What is needed for me to step up to my next level of Consciousness? These questions and... more

Adjusted sound file :) Light filters softly into your Being...at times almost discernible; at others, so strongly, tears of Joy and Love pour forth from the Heart. Takeli speaks about her life as a Channel, sharing tips, insights, processes, to... more

Revised sound file :) Imagine a people blending the Love of the Angelic Realms with the accumulated wisdom of the vast and ancient civilisation of the Elven, living amongst the immense trees of the great forests of Le-MU-Ri-A... The... more