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We can all feel the impact of shifts and changes in energy that are going on, and many are finding this a difficult time in their lives.

Today I will be sharing information from the Guardians for the Shift about what is happening on our Earth at this time, in terms of our Galactic connections, Earth changes, and life changes for us all.

This show is begins with a Message from the Guardians for the Shift, followed by a Q&A with them that discusses what is going on with Mother Earth, Earth changes, Comets, the Shift in Consciousness, and much more...then I channel a Message from the Xanterexx, before the closing Meditation of sending unconditional Love to Earth and all who journey with her.

EnJoy this Wonderful show!

REFERENCES: for info on Comet Ison etc - join Conscious Creator series for fascinating information about the Shift from the wisdom of Master Guide Kirael - Steve Rother and The Group re Comet Ison - BPEarthwatch showing geometric patterns of Comet Ison


Testify to Love by Uluwehi Gurerro on In My Heart CD

Sanctus by Ashana & Thomas Barque on Jewels of Silence CD


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