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Cosmos of the Heart with Takeli


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A Community of Souls living in the Heart, open to new insights and information, living in Oneness, exploring the inner and outer Cosmos of the Heart as we move with Divine Ease and Grace through our Great Shift in Consciousness. Please EnJoy the On Demand shows :)

On-Demand Episodes

Today, we will be speaking about the nature of the Chalice Light – what is it, why is it here, how do we access it, and why are we now choosing to speak about this form of Love to you? And in the process, we will be speaking a little... more

How do you choose to move yourself forwards into a greater status of Love? What is keeping you from Love? What is the new beginning that you are waiting for? How will it affect your life, when it is here? What is it, that determines you... more

Today, we will be speaking about the nature of change itself, looking at: Grid shifts that allow for change to happen; The Higher Plan for Earth, for Humanity, and You as the individual; Understanding change as a force of evolution;... more

We are now being recognised by our Higher Self as its priority project in all of its Light, bar none. This means, we are each of us being held strongly into whatever we need to have be completed now, and, into the new paths that await us.... more

In the previous show, we spoke of a wave of expansion and change that we can ride in great Love, as we connect fully and deeply with the Higher Self part of us. In today's journey, it is all about activation, understanding that a place has... more

In today's journey of expansion and awakening of You into more of who You, Truly Are, I am going to share my experiences of listening to, and Being with, my Higher Self and Guidance. We will also be taking you on a journey deeper into... more

The Goddess Weaves activates on planets going through major transitions, such as a Shifting of Consciousness, and it is activating strongly now on Earth. Many have felt the call of this energy, known as the Holy Spirit in Christianity, and by... more

Its time to say YES! I choose my new life now. Many of us are feeling that something new is in the wings, asking of us to move into a path of greater Spiritual connection and work. Today Jayriel and I will be talking about what is... more

Today, my Guide Jayriel and I will be discussing topics concerned with the changes on Earth that are happening now...all contributions are Welcomed, either live, or by email (via my website) prior to the show. This is a new process for us... more

In today's show, I will be sharing about Mediumship, and how we will all be much more in connection this year, as we move through much transition and change in the world around us. I am working with a new Guide, known as Jayriel,... more