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Higher Vibrational Living, Manifesting your desires, Overcoming Our Past to move delightfully towards our future, Healthy eating, Guided Meditation, Intuitive Consults..with your hostess, student/teacher big sister Afrodeity Stone

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Last week we spoke about the ups and downs of being in an interracial relationship, and the ins and outs of being a bi racial child. Last weeks discussion was more about black and white, however this week we want to look a little into... more

Nobody can tell you who and how to love. But sometimes there are more differences than there are similarities. In a world where lines can't be defined by black and white as easily as in the past, can there be a true love connection?... more

Call it love struck, smitten, or whether it be love at first sight, there are stages that any new relationship goes through that have you believeing that it could last forever. But when the newness fades and you begin to see what you have... more

Men lie, women lie...everybody lies!! It seems like everybody cheats and you can't seem to meet anyone with substance, anyone who will cherish you and treat you like the king or queen that you are. You're afraid of being hurt, therefore... more

Everyone dreams of having some sort of Spiritual Power. I mean why not? Hollywood makes it look oh so mystical and mysterious, right? And it is, but there IS a dark side. Just as everything in this realm is dualistic in nature so is the... more

In MANY cultures the so called witch is seen is a dark, evil figure who seeks to eat children, drink blood and cause mayheim in the lives to all whom she encounters. It is primarily due to the religious associations to satanism, much like... more

As a being who has the ability to tap into higher realms of consciousness, why are you not affirming your right to be powerful in these times? Are you not tired of seeing the world in the state its in? We need to look deeper into our own minds... more

How many times have you heard someone quote the "Golden Rule"...once, twine, a million times maybe? People have said time and time again that we should all treat people the way we want to be treated. I wonder if you really KNOW... more

What is a spiritual portal? Where might one be located? Are all portals bad and how do I close a portal that I no longer want to be open? Do i have any control over the portals in my life? How can I open a portal for health, abundance and... more

Well we had a good ride flowing through the Lion's Gate Portal and now we might just crash and burn if we don't get grounded. The energy flowing through the portal was expressive, creative and fun and now it is time to slow down and... more