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conspiracies, coverups, secret societies, surpressed information its all here on Cosmic Horizons radio

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Join internet conspiracy host James Haarp, when we welcome the owner of Conspiracy Culture, Patrick Whyte live to air! How much is cyber crime really costing us, and what is really in those vaccines Big Pharma is pumping into us... more

James Haarp returns to the airwaves after a hiatus with more information to keep you informed with guest Tim Swartz of Conspiracy journal with more eyeopening news!... more

Join internet conspiracy host James Haarp, and author Conspiracy Journal's , Tim Swartz ,when we converse such topics as Walt Disney, who was he really ,and what did he really believe in? Voices from beyond and are they trying to... more

Our resident economist Archie is back, with his researched information regarding the Bilderbergs! Is this organization really pulling the strings on the conflict in the middle east and why? Whats going on in the federal reserve and why no money... more

Join us live to air when we investigate the mystery of the Pyramids especially in Bosnia! What healing powers to the pyramids have as well as electromagnetic properties? Bosnian Pyramids are the highest pyramids in the world and the first... more

Join James Haarp and resident economist Archie when we reveal the trends for 2014, better get ready! Whats going on with China laying claim to China Sea and the Arctic and who are going to stand in their way! The bitcoin craze... more Join internet host James Haarp and his guest, founder of Scoreboard Canada, and Gods of Harmonyebsites Mr. Ron Hicks. Is Earth doomed,? What were the messages that were given to Ron during his... more

Join resident economist Archie when we reveal predictions for 2014 what to look out for, and its a lot, beware and aware of whats going to unfold! Countries ready to do battle,new flights into space, leaders in turmoil! Live phone in with... more

Join internet conspiracy host James Haarp when we add a new guest to the show, the Info warrior ''The George'' ''The George'', unveils new evidence in the media field relating to Canadian involvement of the banks in funding nuceular... more

Join us with special guest Scott Teeters from Far Out Radio ,when we dive into the cesspool of conspiracies, and coverups. Is there really a secret government behind the government who really pulls the strings such as the Bilderbergers or... more
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