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MELCHIZEDEK - King of Salem - Earth's Hero for 200,000 Years!

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If you haven't spent much time pondering the teachings of Melchizedek, as revealed by the remarkable Urantia Papers, you may want to tune in this week, as we plan to begin a study of this remarkable hero. Recently, archaeologist Eli Shukron uncovered the remains of an ancient sacred site that dates from the time of Melchizedek up to the time of the kingdom of Judah. They believe this site contains Melchizedek's "standing stone."

Melchizedek is counted in the Bible, Hebrews 7:3, as one, "Without father or mother or genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life, like the Son of God, he remains a priest for all time." Several Urantia Papers are devoted exclusively to Melchizedek and we'll be studying him together for the next several weeks. Even if you have, and especially if you haven't, read the remarkable story of the emergency mission of Machiventa Melchizedek, to ensure that "provision be made for maintaining the light of truth" on our world, we think you will want to join this study. 

Consider this: "It was 1,973 years before the birth of Jesus that Machiventa was bestowed upon the human races of Urantia. His coming was unspectacular; his materialization was not witnessed by human eyes. He was first observed by mortal man on that eventful day when he entered the tent of Amdon, a Chaldean herder of Sumerian extraction. And the proclamation of his mission was embodied in the simple statement which he made to this shepherd, "I am Melchizedek, priest of El Elyon, the Most High, the one and only God."

We invite you to join in a great study of the remarkable Melchizedek with us this Saturday as we begin Urantia Paper 93, Machiventa Melchizedek and then continue on with Urantia Paper 94, The Melchizedek Teachings in the Orient and Urantia Paper 95The Melchizedek Teachings in the Levant.