Corta pelo!

Corta Pelo!


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A crew of Angelinos trying to energize the Latino Christian church to be concerned about the future of our nation and our cities … to get this new generation to engage today’s cultural and political issues, in order to bring about real change. To do this we look to Jesus, the master teacher, understanding that ultimately the problems and solutions for today’s world are SPIRITUAL! We use the gifts, talents, creativity and intelligence given to us in order to create a world that celebrates life, virtue, joy and freedom! For this WE DON'T NEED GOVERNMENT for every little thing! Government is not a savior, and the bigger it gets, the more need there is to give it a haircut.. un corte de pelo!

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Being Aware, Caring enough to pay attention.

Whose job is it to take care of the poor? The church or the government? The church of course! The Bible commands it, so let's not try to escape our responsibility by passing it on to the government. Besides, the government isn't... more

Latino Christians influencing the nation. An interview with Eric Lobos, are up-and-coming leader. Salvis (Salvadorians) are coming up in the world.

Is it possible to think Christian-ly about this "dirty" business of politics?

We are so used to government running little details in our life, that we don't see it as the danger that it is. Examples: education; seeing politicians as saviors?! Also, a team of young, energetic evangelists

When I ask some brothers or sisters about the issues, they answer just like conservatives, but they still claim to be Democrats. Why is that?

Though open to all, I'm primarily trying to win over fellow Latinos, and the bilingual 1st generation Latino-Americans in particular. I am convinced that conservative principles will serve us best ultimately. It's time to end the victim mentality in our... more
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