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Keeping our hands to ourselves is a good way to live. Especially when it comes to couples. Is there really validity in the exchange of physical combat within a martal structure? Can hitting a woman in return be justified? Do women use the... more

The second part of NASTY (THE PLAY) is rescheduled for a later date.

Join me Friday night at 11pm as I read and act out my very first essence best selling novel NASTY. MAIN CHARACTERS : NATE, MOE, JANETTA and KANEECHA TIME AND PLACE : NEW YORK CITY. Takes place sometime in... more

FRIDAY@8PM CALL IN TO SPEAK WITH CO-HOST 347-633-9531 (SPECIAL EDITION) Publishing is a business. And as in any business there are people who are not trustworty. How do we as authors know who to trust. Facebook and... more

Is there ever a need to lie when involved in a serious, commited and devoted relationship? Is one ever smaller or bigger than the other? Can it ever be used as a defense to cover up something that may detrimentally destroy... more

Fads change like the wind. Some for the better and some for the worse. From the strangest to the hippest, dress styles reign supreme. Black or white, anything goes. But why in the name of Apple-Bottoms and poom-shorts do these boys,... more

Sex, love, emotion. Some need it, some want it, most don't get it. Are we banging the headboard for fun or knocking the theory of love-making after-dark? Why do feelings and confusion come into play when it's all just for a one-night stand?... more

What are your thoughts on those sentenced to deathrow. Are some people really just better off dead? If it was a close family member of yours, could you stand to witness their callous murder under the protection of the law? Should people that... more

Zebra Alert. Harsh. Critical. Shunned. Mixed up and salted. Yeah. Interracial-dating. It's been here and will stay. You don't like it? Too bad. Suck on it. People should be able to date whomever they'd to date. Even marry.... more

Who is at the door? The muthafuc(Beeeeep) police. Without them things would go haywire while at the same time, one can't help but to ponder on how seriously this new wave of blue killers really take their job. Everything I see on the... more