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What do you think our Founding Fathers would think of America at this point in history? What are some things that make America, 'America'? These are some of the questions we are going to field on this episode of "America" here on Corn... more

There are some weird ways to make yourself feel better out there. Bee stings, drinking urine, and putting candles in your ears. If that's not weird enough for you, don't listen to this show. In addition to the weirdos, we'll be talking about... more

Do you ever remember unintentionally or intentionally watching those really bad 'As Seen on TV' advertisements? Not only did they advertise those seemingly useless but intriguing products, but they decided to build stores in megamalls to... more

Have you driven through those towns where you say to yourself, "Who actually lives there and what do they do? Why would anyone ever want to live there?" We know where you're coming from. Ben Hummel, high school math teacher in... more

Door knobs. Toilets. People who make the teeny Bibles (not the Gideon one). Cat clothes. The random list goes on. The thing is, who makes these things? In some cases, many of us couldn't get by if these things were never invented or... more

Most of us have experienced some sort of family vacation over the years, and nothing can quite beat that vacation when a little family camping is involved. Whether it be car camping (as it usually is with the fam), or a hike into a... more

T-ball, coaches pitch, 10-run innings, errors, and stinky kids. Youth sports are the stepping stone to good teamwork, communication and perseverance. They are also a good source of great and terrible memories, and of course, a great... more

Teachers come in all different types of personalities, styles, and of course, shapes and sizes. We've all had them growing up, some good, some not so good. Some funny, some way too serious. Some slave drivers, others pushovers. We... more

Most of us have had a pet in our life, whether it be a goldfish, rat, cat or dog. Tonight we'll be discussing the best stories of our pets, the health benefits of owning a pet, and best pet names. We would love to hear your pet stories as... more

There's something about an interestingly named place that gets our attention. Does it mean we'll be more likely to walk in and buy something there? Does a dry-cleaning place named "Sew What?" get us to dry-clean our clothes more... more