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Corinne Luna

Power In Perspective


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Whether intentional or unintentional, betrayal can crush a person's spirit in a way that creates a seemingly unquenchable rage. This is a different place than just being angry. This is a blinding place that can destroy the lives of all in its... more

Are you experiencing a significant change in your life? With gas prices going to places where they have never gone before and job security at all time lows it is easy to become frustrated, discouraged and angry at any changes that... more

Learning to See It Differently allows us to relinquish our need to attack others. By attack, I don't mean exhibiting violent behavior. I am talking about our need to lash back at others for whatever reason. What if we made a concious... more

As adults we can make choices and accept paths to peace and happiness that can change our lives. It doesn't matter your age or disposition, the desire to be happy can take you to a place of your true destiny. It is that small memory of... more

It's interesting how changing one letter in a word can lead to a completely different life outlook. Today we are going to explore the word bitter and move ourselves to embrace a better place. Bitterness is a nasty word that describes a place of... more

Have you wanted to sell to an investor but not sure or are afraid of losing your hard earned equity? Today I will talk about getting what you need out of your property. Tune in at 11:00 Central

Wow! You couldn't believe the great price! You did the walk through and were pretty certain that the repairs were "just cosmetic" only to find out you just bought your worst nightmare! Hidden home problems will steal your joy, your... more

Last week we went from dreaming about the house to taking the right steps towards living in it! Join me this week as we move past the loan application (that dreaded 1003 form) and enter into the land of extreme patience.

Looking for a home? Need Financing? Ugggghhhh gotta get a mortgage. It's easy if you plan smart. In this two part series, I will show you how to obtain a mortgage and fast! Grab a pen and paper and let's get started!