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Investing: Unlocking the Power of Intuition w/ Jason Voss

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Jason Voss recently authored the book, The Intuitive Investor: A radical guide for manifesting wealth, that challenges many conventional perceptions about investing and financial decisions, and, unlike previous How-To investment books, offers readers a plan for building the necessary skills to use intuition and right-brain thinking to make better investments. Any edge that leads to better investments must be part of the financial professional’s tool kit. In investing, we’ve all heard some variation of “Past performance is not indicative of future results.” Yet, most of us have also never carefully considered the full implications of “There is no such thing as a future fact.” In the future, new events will occur and they will become new facts. But until they have happened, they are not facts.

The pickle is that investing is an activity whose results unfold in the future. So facts and investment are at cross purposes from one another at the outset. While facts, probabilities, and performance records are certainly useful tools in assessing investment opportunities, investment decision-making is as much an intuitive, creative “right-brain” process as it is an analytical, “left-brain” procedure. The problem is not that left brain analytical approaches are “wrong.” It is that they do not provide ALL of the answers. Thus, the source of the real money to be made is the right brain. This isn’t because the right brain is superior to the left brain, but because most investors overlook the power of their right brains.

Jason Apollo Voss, CFA, retired at 35 from his hugely successful run as co-Portfolio Manager of the Davis Appreciation & Income Fund. During his tenure the Fund bested NASDAQ by 77%, S&P 500 by 49% and the DJIA by 36%; was named a Lipper Leader, and received Morningstar’s highest rating for ethical stewardship of investor money.