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No episode of Cooking with a Mission this Martin Luther King's Holiday.  
I am so encouraged that this man of God was an example to me of Grace ...that is the Power of God working through obedient servants..empowering them to be who God wants them to be...and to do the Will of God.  
He said many things and a couple rang out to me today...
1) " I just want to do the Will of God"  ( Grace empowering us...)
2) "I may not know what the future holds but I do know WHO holds the future"( Our Father is the God of the Future...Amen?)
3)  "Thank God almighty Free at last!"  ( Whomever the Son sets free is free indeed!)

A call to service is a great legacy for this holiday ...as we are called to serve....
Enjoy this evening with Loved ones and a memory of a nation responding to a real good preacher!  He was radical  for his Faith and beliefs ...an example that we are called to be radical believers in Christ...I encourage you all to check this video  of Martin Luther King's Prophetic Last speech - the next day he was killed...

Lets share next week as we.... Cook with a Mission...
Rock and Roll!
Jesus is the Rock and we ROLL!
PS if you are in a real need of a show fix you can listen to the MLK episode we did last year on the archives

Hungry for His Food,
Chef Leo
In Times like these it is good to know there have always been Times like these...

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