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    Cook From Your Cabinet

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    Cook from your Cabinet with your Host Chef HeAdShOt_WiLLy. WiLLY, You cook too?! Yup, thats right. I've spent over 8 years cooking in restaurants, most all fine dining. I am just getting started opening my catering business. I thought I would come on and share some of my special, secret recipes with all of you. Look For Chef WiLLy Three times a month. The show will feature 30 minutes of in the kitchen time with me, Chef WiLLy, from WJAB Radio on the Web. Go and check out my website.

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    Chef Garth Blackburn employed by Sub-Zero Wolf Appliance Company

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    Chatting with Chef Carolyn Shelton

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    Chef Carolyn Shelton is a Cookbook Author, Chef, and Etiquette Consultant from Lafayette, Louisiana. Chef Shelton was born in Louisiana and raised in Texas. She learned most of her culinary skills from her mother, Angelina Zeno and grandmothers, all of whom were Afro Creoles. Shelton is the author of several books including Coffee, Tea or Watermelon, Young, Gifted & Classy, and From Chitlins to Caviar and her latest Zydeco Blues n' Gumbo. ChefShelton has also hosted The Zydeco Café on the radio and appeared as a guest on television programs such as BET, CNN, Donahue, Essence Television, 60 Minutes, and WDSU.

    Chef Shelton's latest project includes, Angelina's Zydeco Okra Cookbook; no ordinary cookbook this, it offers cooking tips that will assist you in preparing wonderful Creole Cajun Foods.

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    “One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!”

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    ...(John 9:25)
    I once was lost...but now am found...It has been a blast being found...and in the spiritual game of Hide and Seek...Or so we think...One thing amazing is that food can be a trigger..Memmmmmries...of way we were... goes the song....Oh that Barbara! Like Buttah! even describing something good by using food analogies...Sweet as sugar...
    I gues that is in the Word we hear "Taste and See" All the senses are connected when they have a common Mission...Focus an clarity...but we tend to run around with blinders put on by the world...and walking in the tunnel vision of me me me me me! We are called to seek His face...interesting...Hide and seek? No..more like take off the blinders and seek! And like the person that encountered Jesus in John 9:25...we can say “One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!” Lets talk Tiramisu...tonight at 10 PM Eastern on Cooking with a Mission!

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    Top 10 Most View Recipes of 2010

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    Looking at the stats for last year, I thought it would be interesting to share the top 10 most viewed recipes on Dee Dee's Delights.

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    Entice with Spice

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    Host of Dowdy Corners Cookbook Club, Holly Jennings, talks about Indian food with Shubhra Ramineni, author of the cookbook ENTICE WITH SPICE. Terms like curry and masala are demystified.

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    Home For the Holidays

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    Want to bring something delicious to the table during the winter holidays? Visiting family? Or hosting a large group in your home? Stressed out? Worried about how to please everyone? Join host Michelle Mrozkowski in this series to help ease the stress of cooking for the seasons. Brought to you by SouthernFoodNetwork.com and sponsored by SCNB, Smithfields Chicken 'N' Bar-B-Q.

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    A Potful Inc. herbal garden

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    A Potful Inc. is creating an herbal garden for some cooking sensation.

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