Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys

Indie artist Rorie Kelly on INDIEvening

Those Diner n Motorcycle Guys

Those Diner n Motorcycle Guys

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Rorie Kelly is a small redheaded tornado of sound. First-time listeners often comment, “I can’t believe that voice came out of that body.” Rorie writes catchy, melodic rock songs that she plays with enough passion to break guitar strings--and go right on playing without batting an eye. The singer/songwriter has been compared to artists ranging from Fiona Apple to Janis Joplin to Liz Phair. She has opened for Alix Olsen and Jen Chapin, and was named one of Long Island’s “Top Ten Indie Artists You’ve Never Heard Of” by Pulse Magazine. You've heard of her on Conversation Crossroad's "INDIEvening" and SHE ROCKS!!!

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