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Talk radio just got better! Conversations with Dr. D Ivan Young is a high-energy exchange of insightful information about relationships, dating, family issues and current events hosted by best-selling author, holistic life coach and relationship expert, Dr. D Ivan Young. This twice-weekly show offers a unique blend of entertaining commentary on newsmakers, everyday people and celebrities. It also features veteran commentators and high-profile guests, plus live calls from listeners. Each week, Dr. D Ivan Young engages his gallery in substantive, humorous and provocative discussions on a wide range of topics. Dr. D Ivan Young has a proven track record for positively impacting the community by inspiring cultural evolution and positive social change--all done while educating, empowering, and transforming lives utilizing an accessible user-friendly approach. Together with a diverse team of commentators, experts and guests, he keeps the audience laughing while being entertained on issues that affect them most. As a seasoned relationship expert with a proven track record, Dr. D Ivan Young is nationally recognized as an authority in relationships. His commentaries have been featured in print, radio, and television media sources globally, and he is now honored to bring his expertise to BlogTalkRadio! Listen in live every Wednesday at Noon CST and Sunday at 7:30 pm CST. All shows are archived for your convenience. Don't miss it!

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Ready to stop crying? Ready to heal and get on with your life? Dealing with the pain and depression that accompanies loss of a loved one is no joke. Be it divorce, separation or death, moving on is never easy. On this episode of... more

Now that someone special has finally come into your life, let's make it last. Stop being in Heaven one minute then in Hell the next. Love is supposed to feel good. If you want to pimp proof your relationship you cannot afford to miss... more

Wondering why you haven't gone to the next level. Before God can bless you, you've got to bless yourself. That means getting rid of people, places, things and mindsets that are familiar. On this episode of Conversations With Dr. D Ivan... more

.Does this feel familiar - "What Have I Done. I've finally found the perfect person for me, and I had to go and screw it up. Damn It!!!" Have you lost, or about to lose, the love of your life? Do you wish you turn back time and fix your... more

Does this feel familiar - "If I only knew then what I know right now..." Everybody makes mistakes, but only a fool doesn't learn from them. How many times in life have you wanted to change a previous outcome? How many times have you... more

Does this feel familiar - "I feel lost, I feel confused. God I know you led me down this path, I've done everything you've ask me to do. All I need is a single word from you. What do I need to do to hear from you?" If you're tired of... more

Join Dr. D Ivan Young as he answers your questions and gives you insight you need to attract and keep the perfect man in your life. On this episode of Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young, Dr. D is going to assist you in avoiding... more

On this episode of Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young, Dr. D teaches us to move forward. It doesn't matter if it's after the loss of a job, after a separation, the death of a loved one or even divorce. When it's time to go, you've gotta go. Find... more

Join Dr. D Ivan Young with reknowned Psychic Fernando Marron as Fernando takes your calls, answers your questions and give you insight from the "other side of the room," to assist you in avoiding problems and keeping your life on... more

Attracting The Perfect Mate...The Things You Must Do! Does this feel familiar - I KNOW there's someone out there for me, why can't I find them! Now more than ever you know exactly what you want and need in a mate. Daily your... more
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