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Have you ever stopped to truly ponder what your relationship with animals really be? Most of us see how we contributed to their lives but..... have we actually acknowledged the FULL depth and breath of expansion they be to OUR lives? What if all animals are contributing to US? What if the animals, pets or wild, were communicating different possibilities to us ALL the time? Charlie (the dog) and his loyal sidekick Suzy Godsey invite you to a WHOLE Different perspective on ALL areas of Life & Living, through the infinite intensity of infinite colors of infinite possibilities animals KNOW to be LIVING on Planet Earth! Tune in, every other Wednesday @ 4 pm Pacific Time and Play with Charlie as he puts a voice to the adventure of LIVING as Ease, Joy and FUN the animals are inviting and imploring us to claim as our own. Oh and Suzy too!! Do you have a Question about this weeks topic? Charlie & Suzy so LOVE your willingness to co-create with them. Please, don't hesitate to Call In live @ (347) 633-9393! Let the show begin!

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Let's be honest, you would have to be an INTENSITY of unconsciousness, beyond description, to NOT acknowledge that the Animals and the Planet choose a connection and a communion that MOST people have judged as inconceivable. Is it possible that we are REFUSING the Ease, Joy & Abundance that is truly actualizable as Life & Living, with our chosen relationship with Both the Animals and the Earth? Is NOW the time to expand beyond that? Join Charlie Yesdog & Suzy Godsey as they invite and inspire us to morph the LIE of inconceivable into to the Reality we are truly capable of choosing as OURS!
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