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Have you ever stopped to truly ponder what your relationship with animals really be? Most of us see how we contributed to their lives but..... have we actually acknowledged the FULL depth and breath of expansion they be to OUR lives? What if all animals are contributing to US? What if the animals, pets or wild, were communicating different possibilities to us ALL the time? Charlie (the dog) and his loyal sidekick Suzy Godsey invite you to a WHOLE Different perspective on ALL areas of Life & Living, through the infinite intensity of infinite colors of infinite possibilities animals KNOW to be LIVING on Planet Earth! Tune in, every other Wednesday @ 4 pm Pacific Time and Play with Charlie as he puts a voice to the adventure of LIVING as Ease, Joy and FUN the animals are inviting and imploring us to claim as our own. Oh and Suzy too!! Do you have a Question about this weeks topic? Charlie & Suzy so LOVE your willingness to co-create with them. Please, don't hesitate to Call In live @ (347) 633-9393! Let the show begin!

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Ghosts are beings with our bodies and some animals can see them like they were in the flesh. Entities expert Shannon O'Hara, Charlie and Suzy will explore how we can deal with the encounters with more ease. Can we assist those animals that have a hard time with the disembodied? And what is the Charlie's point of view about ghosts? Does your cat, your dog or your horse perceive them? And how do they deal with it? Some of them might have total ease, others might have strong reactions, like spooking, barking, excessive meowing and hissing. Let us find out what other possibilities there are dealing with the issue in this pre-recorded show.
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So many people are afraid of animals. Not just snakes and spiders and mice, but also dogs and horses. And even people that live with animals are sometimes afraid. Horse owners that are afraid to ride their horse, dog owners afraid and... more

When our pets get sick, we get very worried. Usually we are much more inclined to run to the vet with our pets than we were running to the doctor for ourselves. And how often when we do that are we actually ending up not knowing what... more

Have you ever wondered if your dog makes friends? Like the dog he plays with in the park, or the next door neighbor's dog? Or the cat that comes over for a visit with your cat? Do they become friends? And what does that actually mean to... more

When we tell the story and reference the past, how much does that influence the behavior of our pets today? Is the story we tell required to explain why our animals are the way they are? Or are the other possibilities? Find out how... more

Charlie and Suzy are so very honored to welcome Special Guest, Simone Milasas. As the Access Consciousness World Wide Coordinator and Founder of Joy of Business, Simone's gifts a unique, first hand awareness of LIVING is... more

What is it that we need from our animals. Are we asking of them to love us, need us and with that pay attention to us? And how is that for the animals? Are they willing to deliver that? Can they deliver that? Is need an essential part of our... more

Have you ever meet an animal that has Fear of Failure? Charlie KNOWS that animals can buy that they are "fearful". Having spent time in an animal shelter, he has actually seen it first hand but, ...... a dog who will not wag his tail "cause he... more

The "Season Of Love" is fast approaching! Your Host Charlie, and his side-kick Suzy Godsey, will be playing with the Possibilities of creating this Valentines Day from a whole different perspective. Charlie so "gets" the concept of a... more

Join your Host Charlie and his side-kick Suzy Godsey as they delve into the topic of INTENSITY! What is intensity, truly? Is it at all possible that Intensity is a gift and contribution? Charlie is so excited to discuss with Suzy, and YOU,... more

Join your host Charlie and his side-kick Suzy Godsey welcoming Tammy Pocock and Karlina van der Weij in discussing who is in charge in your house? Who's the alpha? Is it you or your animals? Are you willing to be the leader of your pack?... more