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S2/E20 #CWC Welcomes Vulyncia Poindexter as Guest Co-Host! Vulyncia (aka @Soulsista_101 in the Twitterverse) is the author of "Timeless Clock" (poetry book). She is also the winner of the "Full Moon Madness: Co Host with Cleo"... more

S2/E19 #CWC welcomes Martha Harris, founder of Banyan Counseling Center. Martha Harris specializes in counseling pre-operative candidates. Know Martha has allowed me to be less judgmental and have far more understanding and... more

S2/E18 CWC welcomes LaDonna Cook, author of "Until Tomorrow Comes." LaDonna is Poet, Author, Entreprenuer and a true inspiration to anyone she meets. Join us as LaDonna shares her story, her insights and her heart with you... more

S2/E17 Hello My Dears!! It's been quite sometime since we've gone into the kitchen together!! LIVE from my home kitchen to your living room! And if you love to cook, tune in and cook with me. I've got a few SURPRISES under... more

S2/E1 Join me as #CWC welcomes the co-authors of "THE SISTERS' FIGHT". These gracious and vibrant women will share their journey through the collaboration of the book as well as their opinions on life, love and the pursuit of... more

Hello My Dears: I am RE-BROADCASTING the first part of a series I do at the beginning of every New Year. Two-thirds of the 2013 is over and it's time to check in to see how well you have navigated a "Foundational" year. Tune in on... more

S2/E13 What's your favorite brand of coffee? What's your favorite radio station? Do you think DiGorno frozen pizza is a better product than Tombstone? Is Samonsite your favorite American luggage brand? Who has the best price on... more

S2/S12 SPECIAL BROADCAST TIME: 3:30 p.m. Hello Everyone! I know our regular time is 7:30 p.m.; however, I have received the most wonderful invitation to BBAD ActivistArtistA's Thursday Open Mic Night. The evening begins at... more

S2/E10 CAUTION: MATRIX-FREE-ZONE For centuries, people have embraced the idea/truth that the MOON, indeed, has many effects on the behavior of Humankind. However, it has come to light (non pun intended) that the Sun has... more