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Conversations with Cinthia is a powerful radio program about God, faith, relationships, personal accomplishments, career advice and many other relevant subjects of your day-to-day Christian life. Hosted by Cinthia Hiett, this program will inspire and strengthen your faith in God and the gifts He provides each of us - every day.

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Join me today as I have both Dr. Anne Redelf and Kristen Clark talkng about our worth an valure in God. How do we make it more than idea or a concept? How do we move it from our head to our heart, so that it is more than a belief, it... more

Join me today as we talk with Dr. Anne Redelfs. She was born and raised in Beaver, Pennsylvania, a small mill town outside of Pittsburgh. She received a B.A. in Chemistry from Duke University and an M.D. from Tulane University. She... more

Join me today as we talk with Author and publisher Kristen Clark about our upcoming webinar. It is uniquely designed to help you develop a "mindstyle to live the lifestyle determined for you by Christ" on February 28th, 2015. The... more

Worry and Peace cannot coexist. Why would Jesus chose to give us peace as the last thing he did before he left the earth? He tells us in the scriptures that "peace is his legacy". Jesus doesn't want us to just "live in peace", he wants us to... more

As we begin the new year, I was moved by the verse in Mathew Chapter 25:26-30(MSG) when God is referring to the idea of taking risks. When addressing the person who refused to take a risk with what the master had given him,... more

?A New Beginning, not just a Re-do?. What does this mean? God is the only one who can actually give you a ?new? beginning, more than a ?re-do?, more than a second chance, and much more than the "coveted" mulligan. God actually gives... more

While we all hope for one of those Holiday's with no stress; those times we get together with friends, familly, nieghbors, and co-workers and it all "works". We all know that reality is often very different from fantasy when it comes to... more

When I think of Christmas I think of words that are associated with Christmas, concepts that seem to describe what Christmas s about, words like: hope, anticipation, reasons, answers, newness, beginnings, love, giving, and... more

Research shows that consistently grateful people are happier, more energetic, more hopeful, more helpful, more empathic, more spiritual, more forgiving, and less materialistic. They're also less likely to be depressed, anxious, lonely,... more

Reality is one of my favorite topics. Hoever, this has not always been the case. This is because realtity is often painful, scary, undesirable, and uncertain. The reason the issue of reality is so important, is that manytimes our reality is not... more
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