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Stimulus ll, A Stimulus For The People of the USA

My advice to President Barack Obama

By Larry Johnson-Redd

The mega sized Finance, Banking and Insurance Sector including Wall Street of the US Economy have had their stimulus from the TARP and other government interventions and so has the Car Industry! This was taxpayer money to be paid back!  Now many of them would like to pay out big bonuses to top executives at the end of this year without paying back all of more than 1 trillion dollars plus any interest owed


I advise President Obama to collect the 1Trillion Dollars and any interest back as soon as possible from those recipients who owe before 1 mega bonus is given out.

I advise that the1 trillion be spent to help fund Stimulus ll aimed at the states and Washington DC, like California and the other states with deficits, small business grants to hire Stimulus ll implementation workers and the creation of a National Adult Job Corps for those who want to work aged from 25 to 65 including the unemployed, underemployed  ( Part timers who want full time work and homeless people who want to work and live in apartments or other housing)!


The States and Washington D.C. Share 200 Billion Dollars

Of the1 Trillion dollars recovered, 200 billion should be given to the states, first to states with deficits like California and then to all states including the District of Columbia that has more people than many small states should share equally whatever is left of the 200 Billion to hire staff of all levels!


The National Adult Job Training Corps should be funded with 400 Billion Dollars

The National Adult Job Corps for those who want to work aged from 25 to 65 including the unemployed, underemployed (Part timers who want full time work and homeless people who want to work)! This NAJC would be like CETA of the Clinton Years and the WPA of the forties and thirties during similar depressed times. This would be the people’s stimulus with stipend paying job training, job preparation and job placement services. Although the Dept. of Labor and Housing and Urban Development could administer these funds, services will be contracted out to Non-Profit Organizations, including green jobs outfits, social service corporations and cities / states where appropriate!


Small Businesses should be given 400 Billion 45% in grants and 45 % loans and

10 % to Business Incubator Centers, Green Job Developers and Small Business Start Ups!

This part of Stimulus ll or the People’s Stimulus of 400 Billion exclusively for new hires to assist the effort to implement the recovery of small businesses and implement Stimulus ll for1 year on a basis of 45 % of the new hires coming from general applicants and 45% of new hires could be mandated to be NAJC graduates as full time employees! The SBA could also be directed to give small businesses additional loans at say 3% from existing SBA funds. The 10 % remaining in this part of the Stimulus ll could be given as grants to small business incubator centers, Green Job Builders and small business start-ups on a competitive basis! Again there are many non-profits ready to compete for these contracts.


I advise President Obama to implement Stimulus ll and claim his spot in history stimulating the recovery of the US Economy and relieve the heavy economic pressure on the Obama supporters in many cases who are the most in need of a hand up in this time of suffering by the lower levels of American Society. Nation building like charity begins at home. Stimulus ll could help turn things around and be the difference in second term prospects and winning in 2010 by mobilizing the base! Momentum for Stimulus ll could also receive a boost and be the next priority or second step to winning the health care overhaul legislation with a robust public option! Byline

Larry Johnson-Redd is an author of 3 books, Journey to the Motherland, From San Francisco to Benin City available from Amazon.com, History To Destiny-currently out of print and Loving Black Women available at Amazon.com! Larry needs a new literary agent to present his new book “Long Distance Love” a probable international bestseller to publishers! His email is mailto:ljredd52@aol.com







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