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Mark Wood, Founder, USA for US Africa will be my special guest for this week’s edition of Conversations of Africa,

Please click on this link and listen to our discussion about how and why the United States of Africa can and should be implemented as soon as possible by Africans in Africa with the explicit support of African-Americans and Africans all over the world to end failed mini states and empower Africa to meet the needs of it’s millions of people suffering or existing in the existing mini states- some who are in many cases are failed states in Africa! The United States of Africa is the ultimate empowerment model for Africa’s development in this modern era!



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Conversations of Africa is produced by the African Sistahs Media Network


Conversations of Africa salutes WADU and its call for it’s 2009 Summit that will be focused on the The United Satates of Africa!


World Afrikan Diaspora Union (WADU)


Co-Sponsored by the Africana Studies Dept., Clark Atlanta Univ.

Co-Conveners:  Dr. Josephine Bradley & Baba Joe Beasley

Summit Advisors:  Rev. Dr. Akua McCrary & Baba Obadele Williams


WADU email








World Afrikan Diaspora Union (WADU)


Co-Sponsored by the Africana Studies Dept., Clark Atlanta Univ.

Co-Conveners:  Dr. Josephine Bradley & Baba Joe Beasley

Summit Advisors:  Rev. Dr. Akua McCrary & Baba Obadele Williams

The 109th Anniversary of the formal launching of the

Pan African Movement.

July 22-26, 2009, Atlanta GA

Clark Atlanta University

Economic Self-Determination - for Political & Cultural Rebirth

Susu, Markets, Businesses, Trade, Investments, Credit Union, Reparations…

The Diaspora 6th Region of a Unites States of Africa

U.S.-Global Economic Meltdown; New Scramble for Africa;

Case Studies: Genocide Policies; U.S. Militarization of Africa…

His Excellency Baba Dudley Thompson, President

Attorney, former Ambassador, Pan African Statesman, Living Legend…

Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Vice President

Special Guest:  Ambassador Madame Amina Salum Ali, African Union

Mel Foote (CFA); Queen Mother Dorothy Lewis (NCOBRA); Dr. Ron Daniels (IBW);

Dr. James Turner; Dr. Nicholas Aghobou (France); Dr. Shelby Lewis; Baba James Small (OAAU); Nana Dr. Niara Sudarkasa, Dr. Joyce King; Min. Akbar Muhammad (NOI); Baba Mukasa Dada (SNCC/AAPRP); Dr. Ndugu T’Ofori-Atta RHAW/ITC); Line Hilgros (Guadelope); Joe Beasley (RainbowPush/AA), Dr. Josephine Bradley (CAU African Studies); Queen Nzingha (ASCAC); Dr. James Turner (Cornell Univ. African Studies); John Watusi Branch (ATABA); Dr. Kweku Andoh (Ghana); Prof. Yaa Ngemi (Congo); Nathalie Callede (Canada); Hon. Cynthia McKinney (Official); Baba Kwame Afoh (RNA); Hon. Able Mable (Official); Njere Alghanee (NCOBRA); Dr. Julius Garvey; Dr. David Horne, Bro. YaYa (Sudan); Hon. Osomar (England); Bro. Keidi Obi, (Libradio);… MORE

Other Diaspora Council of Elders, Congress & Commissioners

Intellectuals; Students; Activists; Officials; Ministers; Educators…

Reps of African Governments; Communities; & Organizations…



In a message dated 7/6/2009 6:42:20 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, KAfrica33 writes:


SADA says Bro. Cliff has made his point and we must go for it.  We need to find a way to mobilize our people.  SADA believes that our people are better organized within the church and in city councils. We are also represented at the national level by  the BCC which we need to bring on board as soon as possible to comply with the federal laws in dealing with foreign governments.  Let us talk brother Cliff. SADA is ready and we must begin now although you have done a wonderful work in reaching out.  We must all know what each one of us can do to uplift the low understanding of the call for the Six Region of AU.


Kofi Agyapong



In a message dated 6/26/2009 12:13:50 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Htp Baba Kofi:


The concept of a United States of Africa, or a Union of African States, has been hotly debated in the AU for at least the past year.  One thing that has also been debated has been the need for the Afrikan Diaspora to become involved with this formation.  From Afrika's viewpoint, the reversal of the "brain drain" and the "resource drain" are critical objectives, while in the eyes of the Diaspora, the elevation of our grievances against our historical oppressors, as well as our ideas for solutions to Afrika's problems, to the World Stage is the key rallying point.  We, as a Diaspora, especially those of us in the US, need to realize that the US, despite the Senate's recent "apology" for slavery, will never represent our interests, while the United Nations has no seat for us because we do not ourselves represent an Afrikan-American Nation with boundaries, a Constitution and a flag.  so far, the only vehicle that currently exists that provides a chance for our voices to reach that World Stage is the AU, and they have expressed an interest in our stepping up to that stage.  And there is an organization that is working right now to get us on that stage, if only we will become involved in the effort.


For the last three plus years, the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus (SRDC) has been engaged in the actual WORK of organizing Afrikan people in the Diaspora to answer the African Union Initiative that was declared by the AU in 2003.  We have not simply been talking about it.  We have been at work in our home states (so far, California, Washington State, Ohio, New York, South Carolina and Maryland) to inform Afrikan people about the AU Initiative, to get all these so-called Pan-Afrikanist organizations, who all claim to value Black Unity, to actually sit at the same table and discuss the AU Initiative and SRDC's effort.  It has been difficult, in large part because so many of us are so wedded to our own specific issue that we don't want to subordinate it, even for the sake of Afrikan Unity (even though we do not ask any of these organizations to subordinate anything--only to participate and help us come together on the issue of Pan-Afrikan organization).  Some won't get involved because of personal beefs.  Some, perhaps, because it wasn't "their" idea and they want to be the leader.  At any rate, I've had people look me in the eye as if they were interested but fail to come to a single meeting or even answer an e-mail.


So it is not true that there are not groups out there doing the work that you and Mark Wood are calling for.  SRDC simply needs committed Afrikans like yourself and Bro. Mark to come to the table and sit with us, and work with us to forge this unity.


What SRDC is doing is a direct outgrowth of the AU Initiative.  The AU said it would not organize us; we had to do it ourselves.  We needed to do it in a democratic, grassroots-oriented, representative way, through Councils of Elders, local Town Halls, elected Representatives and Observers and local Pan-Afrikan Agendas that would combine in a National (US) Assembly, then a Diasporan Assembly, to create a Global Afrikan Diasporan Agenda to take to the African Union's Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC).  This process is in place, it is in accordance with the AU's direction, it is representative and grassroots-oriented, it is what we need.  And yet, we seem to be rejecting it in large part because of personal beefs, egos and other neurotic attitudes.


While the formation of the US was a major accomplishment, Afrikansdo NOT need to emulate it.  What made the US what it is was the near-extermination of one people and the stealing of their land, followed by the kidnapping and enslaving of another people and forcing them to build this empire, followed today by a coordinated system of worldwide exploitation, coercion and, finally, war.  This is not something to be emulated; it is something that must be defeated!


What we seek to do is not something that is based on the conquest of the lands of others or the threat of mass murder upon others.  What we are doing is building a foundation of self-determination and Ma'at (which the formation of the United States violated repeatedly, along with their own Ten Commandments, which came from the Code of Ma'at).


No, we don't need to act like our oppressors.  We don't need to re-invent anything either.  What we need to do is stop pintificating about Black Unity while we ignore the efforts in place to achieve it.  Every organization has a vital role to play.  SADA clearly has an important place in this effort.  SRDC is simply trying to bring all these organizations together to achieve this one goal: organizing the Afrikan Diaspora, one state at a time, one country at a time, one region at a time, until the entire Diaspora is together and represented in ECOSOCC.  What our organizations need to do is answer a very simple question, one which I will emphasize in each message from here on out:


Do we want to come together or not?


Some have already answered with their silence.  Others have answered with their long-winded manifestos about how brainwashed the rest of us are.  I've gone through this song-and-dance too many times with a lot of them.  We don't have time for this nonsense anymore.  Our organizations (both the Afrikan-American ones and the ones whose members are direct from the Mother Continent) need to decide to come together and work on this effort, one which SRDC has been pursuing for over three years, one which has a Plan, a Constitution, and a growing (but too slowly) group of activists as Elders, Representatives, Observers and Facilitators (I am a Representative and a Facilitator for Maryland).  But our organizations need to look themselves in the face and ask themselves the question:


Do we want to come together or not?


And they need to answer it honestly.


That's it!


Peace and Power,

Bro. Cliff
Kuumba Events and Communications
P.O. Box 1723, Baltimore, MD 21203-1723
KUUMBAReport Newsletter
KuumbaRadioReport, Harambee Radio Network (



SADA says it is time for all of us to mobilize our people for the United States of Africa so that both the continental Africans and the Diaspora Africans can be proud of their history.  We must build our own history instead of blaming the white people for enslaving us and imposing their ways of life on us.  Mark Wood has taken a stand which we all must support.  We just cannot sit and wait for our leaders to unite us. We must unite ourselves and prepare the way for our leaders both in Africa and in USA.  We have some role to play to bring about the United States of Africa.  In fact the whole world has a role to play because a united Africa means that Africans can solve most of the problems facing them and because all the resources both human and material will be mobilize to support the Africans. Africans will not need aids from anybody.  At best there will be mutual economic development agreements and exchange of scientific ideas between Africa and the rest of the world.  


We must do our very best to document, create, institute and invent an organization like SADA which can pass our HERITAGE, understanding of our HISTORY and our PLIGHT to the next generation to continue to goad our leaders to form THE UNITED STATES OF AFRICA. 


In 1960s OAU FREED US from the Europeans and Arabs' COLONIALISM.  In the years ahead, AU MUST UNITE US as one people under one GOVERNMENT, ONE LAW AND ONE CURRENCY THROUGH AFRICAN MONETARY SYSTEM anything else will prolong our sufferings as human beings.


If in 1776, the FOUNDING FATHERS OF AMERICA created the United States of America.  Can't our African leaders create the United States of Africa now?; ONLY ORGANIZATIONS and UNITED PEOPLE exist in abundance of WEALTH. 


ALL OTHERS such as Africans DIE in abject POVERTY, HUNGER and DEPREVATION of our basic human and natural RIGHTS due to our leaders not understanding Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Libyan Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, the two great Africanists.


How can a people living in tropical environment with abundance of resources; natural and human be poor?.


   United We Stand Divided We Fall.  Visit us at





Dr. Kofi Agyapong.



In a message dated 6/25/2007 9:02:32 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, KAfrica33 writes:

My Dear Mark Wood:


SADA says the African Americans have completely failed to discuss the issue of the United States of Africa and they have failed to mobilize the American public opinion in support of the proposed government for Africa.  The United States of America government should be proud that the Africans are beginning to emulate the 1776 efforts.  All mankind should be proud for the Founding Fathers of America to lay a foundation for the whole world to know that only a united government of contiguous lands can bring prosperity to the abutting lands. How possible this is done has already been shown in America.  All what Africa has to do is to emulate the works of the USA.  Africa needs not invent the wheel.  But both the continental and Diaspora Africans have failed to mobilize the American public opinion to support the new venture in Africa.  This is so because most of the African Americans who are working in Africa are capitalist in disguise.  They use Africa to raise money from corporations and foundation to do all kinds of social works in Africa, but they have no real feelings for Africa and Africans and those African Americans who have the real feelings for Africa have no way of reaching Africa.  Brother Mark Wood for example has an insight into what Africa and Africans must do but he just writes and do nothing except to make T shirts. It is going to take Mr. Wood and all of us to  bring into fruition his dream.  So we must either begin to implement your ideas or we should keep silent  During the time that the Federalists were working on the United States of America, ordinary citizens played a meaningful role. It was not only the politicians who played their parts.  As you know a whole lot of  opposition was involved in the anti federalist campaign in the formation of the United States of America. So also the illiterate leaders in Africa who do not see that the solution to their local problems lies in the formation of a capable government which can solve their social and economic problems.  The formation of a United Government is a formal knowledge.  You know, pride made France reject EU Constitution.  People who have not been schooled into such ventures cannot appreciate the significance of such a political  enterprise.  They think the new government will displace their local political powers.  Not true, in fact the formation of the United States of Africa is the only key to the solutions of most of the local problems in Africa.  So you and I who have seen a United government at work in America should have embarked upon a venture to advise the leaders in Africa.  We should lobby them to accept a government with enumerated powers with the residual powers going to the states just like  the Unites States of America is.  It is never late.  Let us use SADA to begin to lobby the different heads of states in Africa to accept the preposition that United We Stand, Divided We Fall.  Africa has fallen too much.  We must unite or perpetuate poverty, ignorance and disease among our African nations.  God bless African leaders to open their minds to see that we at a cross roads.  We unite or perish.  God bless Africans.





In a message dated 6/25/2007 7:45:43 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

We are 2 weeks away from the formation of a United States of Africa and Africa's leaders and the African Union MUST NOT BE AFRAID to unite as one nation and declare themselves a United States of Africa.

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