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Conversations About Divorce

Conversations About Divorce


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Divorce coach and mediator Mandy Walker shares compassionate, practical, expert advice on moving from we to me, featuring interviews with the leading divorce experts on every aspect of divorce: making the decision, parenting, money, healing and recovery, the STBX and the legal stuff ... we cover it all. You don't have to do this alone and you will get through this.

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The word alone carries tremendous negativity, judgment and fear and divorce is commonly portrayed in the media as hostile and high-conflict. Amicable or civil divorces aren't considered news unless there's a novelty factor associated with... more

How our children cope with divorce is front and foremost for many parents: none of us want our children to be harmed by the end of our marriage and their future well-being can be a major influence on the timing of divorce. Parenting after... more

Most people, even those who initiate divorce, come through it feeling pain and hurt. The source of that pain maybe their spouse, third parties and even themselves. Without working through that pain and hurt, the danger is that we... more

We all know that relationships need care and feeding to make them last and most people don't get married thinking they will get divorced. So when the marriage is troubled, we agonize over what to do. Can the relationship change? When is... more

Everyone files a tax return and that means there are some basic tax issues that face everyone getting divorced. These are often overlooked or not addressed until the divorce negotiations are nearing completion. By that time, your choices... more

Anyone with a pet understands that people become emotionally attached to their animals and that bond can as strong as the bond we make with human friends. Yet, the law, for the most part sees pets as property, to be divided as the... more

Along with deciding on how to divide your finances, you and your STBX will have to divide all your household items – that's the furniture, the kitchen gadgets, the stuff in the garage, the pictures on the walls – everything... more

Most people would love to save legal fees on their divorce. The first thing that comes to mind is doing without an attorney. While that may save you big time, it's not always the smartest way to trim costs and it may actually end up... more

We've all heard someone say they tried divorce mediation and it didn't work. The challenge here is whether they were truly part of the small percentage of divorces that do need to be resolved by a judge or if they didn't take the proper steps to... more

Deciding when is the best time to file for divorce is a bit like Goldilocks and Three Bears. File too soon and you'll be faced with having to meet a bunch of court imposed deadlines and making life changing decisions at the time when you're... more