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“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.” Aldous Huxley~~ We discuss the issues affecting our families and relationships. We attempt to find the answers to questions that can create happier and healthier individuals, families and therefore, our society. Join the Conversational Corner every Saturday 7pm-8pm EST. Where 'TRUTHS' are challenged and 'LIES' are exposed. If you have a product/service or NEED-TO-KNOW information that is promoting healthier LIVES and you would like to be our guest on the show, please send us your contact information via BTR or email us at conversationalcorner@gmail.com. All inquires are welcome! Thanks and be true to you!

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Join Charlette and Cuya as we celebrate going into our 6th month of hosting the CONVERSATIONAL CORNER on BLOG TALK RADIO. As part of our celebration we will share, the REAL story behind how we met? And, how the show came... more

(Episode 21) Why is there so much negativity surrounding the BLACK Woman? From lack of marriage proposals, to having really bad attitude problems. Why are 42% of BLACK Successful Women (BSW), NOT married? Are BLACK women... more

(Episode 20) Momma's BABY, Papa's MAYBE – Part 2; Join Charlette and Cuya as they continue their conversation from last week. Can a WOMAN really make it too DIFFICULT for a MAN to spend time with his child? And, should he... more

(Episode 19) Momma's BABY, Papa's MAYBE! Should a MAN have a ‘SAY' in regards to his BABY being BORN or NOT? Why are so many MEN not taking financial responsibility for their children? Why are more... more

(Episode 18) Is your MAN BORED with you? What does it REALLY mean when your MAN prefers to spend more TIME with his FRIENDS? How do YOU know when your MAN is BORED with you? Why do MEN become BORED in... more

(Episode 17) OMG! Are men FAKING IT too?Join Charlette and Cuya as we discuss "FAKING THE ORGASM Dilemma...It's NOT just for WOMEN anymore!" Can a MAN really FAKE IT? And if so, HOW and WHY would he FAKE... more

(Episode 16) Why do WOMEN CHEAT? Join Charlette and Cuya as we discuss what goes on behind the scene, of WOMEN who cheat? The TOP FIVE questions of the hour: 1) What are the TOP 10 REASONS women CHEAT? 2) Can a... more

(Episode 15) Why do MEN CHEAT? Join Charlette and Cuya as we discuss what goes on behind the scene, of MEN who cheat? The TOP FIVE questions of the hour: 1) What is MALE Privilege? 2) Is there ever a LEGIT REASON to... more

(Episode 14) Is Texting Ruining Your Relationship? Join Charlette and Cuya as we discuss the DO'S and DONT'S of texting. The TOP FIVE questions of the hour: 1) How much is ‘TOO MUCH' texting? 2) What ‘SHOULD' or... more

(Episode 13) Join Charlette & Cuya for a VERY SPECIAL episode of the Conversational Corner as we welcome BARBARA HOFMEISTER a Transformation Catalyst and the author of the Best Seller "To Be or Not To Be -... more
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