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Cool TLC will join Controversy Real Talk just for the fun of it!! I hear that laughter is healing for the soul. Come tune in and hear my special guest of the upcoming :Ladies Night Event. Tonite at 8:30pm

Many people battle on the inside about how their life has panned out. It's not all roses and peaches, but once you have a strategy on how to cope with everyday issues, you realize it's not all that bad as you thought. Join me LadyAlgena as... more

There are so many controversial issues that have risen in the church and about the church. These issues have not only caused people stop coming to church, but even trusting or believing in God. My question in this next show to... more

Many of you may be use to this tune from 1972 when it was sung by, Luther Ingram. Lady Algena will hold an in depth round table conversation with a group of inspiring women. The Ladies will discuss how this title fits into... more

Today as we see people are stressed out!! Taking the lives of others as well as their own. At what point does it take for someone to step back from a situation, they can no longer tolerate? This week on Controversy Real Talk... more

It has been taught to men and women for years that sex is something that takes place on the wedding night. As we all know society has it's way of changing the rules. Some feel we are suppose to wait and others just feel they want to give up... more

For many years this lifestyle was hidden to protect the innocent. Today the Homosexual lifestyle has broken it's chains of bondage, and has now spreaded nationwide even in the church. Lady Algena will expound on various... more

This week LadyAlgena will present a Face Book post that was written by Lamont Burno. This post expounds on the life of many chrisitans in the church, and those facing different walks of life that feel they must have a name or title to... more

Lady Algena will present controversial issues which keep people bound, and from moving forward into their purpose. Also a special guest from the health and fitness program called, "IT WORKS"!!! Presented by Evelyn- Richardson-Lomax.