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Contra Radio is for new and experienced preppers. Contra Radio has recently expanded to include Patriot News and Views. This show is not the last word in this life style, nor should it be. We are privileged to include the Patriot News and Views in this program. We have the ability to enable listeners to call in toll free, and have guests for our listeners. Program sponsorships are available. Contact us: if you wish to be a sponsor. This show is available through iTunes, and the Microsoft store. Also on TuneIn

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Todays episode we will give you 7 steps towards surviving a Winter Blackout and How to start a fire in winter. We will also discuss a little known provision that in the current budget that will affect your pension. Water storage for preppers.... more

Today we will be talking about the title of our show. Also it is time to play a game!! Guess what story has dropped from the headlines? Also a martyr update from Iraq, you will not be pleased. Guess what the Russians did in Northern... more

Ok today is the day where I will say what has been on my mind for a while concerning the above topics. Some of what I might have to say will anger some, and it might make others smile. Either way, today I get to say my piece. I have... more

Are prepping and Christianity mutually exclusive? Can they be reconciled? Prepping and Christians. Is the Patriot Movement and Christianity are odds with each other? These topics will be explored today on Contra Radio.

Todayas episode deals with FDA approval of multiple drigs to deal with Ebola. The 5 Survive in Place Myths that can get you killed or jailed by Modern Combat and Survival by Jeff Anderson, 10 condiments to help with your survival... more

In this episode we talk about Ebola, of course, and the myth of canned foods. The contrafighter wordblog is the campanion to this site.

This episode I will discuss the latest in the Ebola Infection, including the CDC response.

Todays episode we will be talking about how much ammo is enough, Ebola spreads to first responders, as well as an arrest in Texas of 4 alledged ISIS fighters. Also we will touch on the sale price of ammunition, and other deals for... more

Todays episode, Ebola update, of course, # ruiles of survival, Is an attack by ISIS on America possible, and why you should carry a knife on your person. Prepper paper. NRA News update--SWAT-ing. 12 places to find emergency... more

Todays episode deals with Borax, Yes, Borax and its many uses. You will be surprised. Solar Storm why preppers get nuts about it. Hint: Carrington Event. Bulk Ammo sales on popular calibers, Author TD Barnes and EMP.