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Contra Radio is a companion format to the Contrafighter Wordpress blog. Contra Radio revolves around the discerning prepper. It is presented with an eye towards helping the people who are new to the prepping lifestyle, as well as the more experienced prepper. This show is not the last word in this life style, but with three million preppers in the United States alone, I think Contra Radio can make a difference. If you would like to sponsor some programming on this radio channel, contact me. I am sure we can fit your product/brand into my growing network !!

On-Demand Episodes

This episode will tell you what water map is and why a water map is good planning. Also prepper communications via the American Redoubt Radio Network is good and why it is important to network, NOW. Of course we discuss... more

Contra Radio continues it's Ebola Outbreak 2014 updates as provided by W.H.O. Also in this episode is a list of target indicators to avoid while patrolling or securing a place. Contrafighter Blog I will also give outthe latest stores for... more

With the amount activity going on in the world, and the potential for an event to occur increasing, is it time to increase your supply cache while the grid is up and times are "good"? This is the topic we will be discussing today. Contrafighter blog

Braeking news out of the UK tonight-- Ministers call for a "COBRA" meeting, organizations starting to evac personnel, outbreak is speeding up. Possible vaccine on horizon. Questions about whether to Bug out or stay put. A... more

This episode is about Prepper talk in general, and some ideas to be shared among the unsure people who might be boredering on whether this life style is right for them. Contrafighter blog Contra Radio is now... more

Over the weekend, I ran into a couple of my listeners had asked what me what exactly is "Prepping". I will answer that on today's episode. Some of the governments ideas are not bad, perhaps the excution is questionable but here... more

In this episode, I will discuss some feelings that the listeners of this show have expressed to me in private. I will also, time permitting, discuss other issues. Contrafighter blog. Not everyone is feeling right about what they percieve is... more

While I finish the last episode subject from yesterday, it will lead to other questions preppers need to be aware of as it will impact your decision making process. There are signs to watch for that might portend to our societal grid... more

Some people are ready to begin to prep, to become preppers. They just are not sure where to begin. It does not have to be a difficult process. It can be an easy process, depending on what kind of a prepper you want to be, and what your... more

Today we will have an update on the Ebola Virus outbreak, and discuss some other items of interest to Preppers in general. Contrafighter Blog, the campanion forum to this radio station. Contrapreppers facebook page where stories of... more