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Independent thinking is what ensures prosperity and progress. Join us to hear discussions regarding restoring sound money, freedom, transparency and truth to America.

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Join us this Friday evening, August 8th, when we speak to Red Beckman about resurrecting a functional grand jury and impartial jury by trial with Red Beckman.
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Anna Yeisley, Virginia state coordinator for the National Liberty Alilance ( will be hosting. Please join us! Topics: What is Common Law? What are the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God? What are... more

ReThinking the 1st Amendment Are our courts and public education system, under the guise of religious protection, actually prohibiting the free exercise of religion? Follow along the discussion with a powerpoint presentation found at

Thursday, January 30, 2014 Anna Yeisley follows the Constituton Ambassadors Facebook page and talks about the latest news and events posted there...... go to FACEBOOK.COM/CONSTITUTIONAMBASSADORS to follow along!

State Nullification - way to restrict and constrain federal government

A CALL TO THE AMERICAN SPIRIT INTRODUCTION CONSTITUTION AMBASSADORS BASIC TRAINING Teaching the Fundamental Principles of Free Government: This Course answers the fundamental questions of life .... using... more

Anna Yeisley, master/mistress of independent thinking talks about what it means to be 'anti-government', the DHS and other news stories.

This broadcast continues to talk about the steps in turning our global economy away from devastation of environmental and human health - and towards a more peaceful and prosperous future. We will talk about: Emergency Prepardeness... more

Today Anna Yeisley, host of INDEPENDENT THINKER will be speaking with Aaron Bolinger one of the Founders of the Roger Sherman Institute ( about the pros and cons of convening an Article V... more

Greetings Constitution Ambassadors! Article I, Section XIII of the Virginia Constitution That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state; that... more