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Constitutionally Correct Interview with Ke;;y Z. Mordecai, the author of the book, "The Hidden 4th Branch of Government"


From Kelly Z. Mordecai

What are the present three branches? Some would say, "Legislative, Executive, and Judicial." INCORRECT! These days, the three branches of government are "Larry, Moe & Curly", made this way by the two main political parties of "Laurel & Hardy." We need a 4th Branch to look into the shenanigans, and INDICT for corruption. Oh, wait we do have a 4th Branch, except "The Powers that Be" have hidden it from us.

WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE A BOOK ABOUT THE 4TH BRANCH? Alright, darn it, I'll do it myself! Somehow a publisher saw something of high quality, which they published.

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Outline for the show:

1. SEGMENT 1 - "Jury Nullification" - "Petit Juries”
(The law itself is on trial, just as much as the cause to be decided." Chief Justice Harland Stone - 12th Chief Justice - U.S. Supreme Court.

2. SEGMENT 2 - The Grand Jury holds the same power of "Jury Nullification" - Shield Function.

3. SEGMENT 3 - The Grand jury can investigate "Willful misconduct in office by pubic officers." (Missouri Constitution Article I, section 16.)

Examples of government corruption investigated and indicted by the grand jury.

What the “Powers that Be” do not want you to know.