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This show is for those who wish to swallow the red pill and enter the matrix in order to find out the truth about our world and gain knowledge!

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You look at the plans for detention centers, and you think to yourself, "Oh my God! They are planning an all out attack on the American people!" Or maybe you are a prepper and think you need to get ready for an upcoming attack or... more

There are a lot of things that just dont make any sense to me and I would really love to hear a logical explanation to these questions. This episode will ask these questions and will hopefully make you a bit introspective as well as open your... more

With so much talk about a possible pandemic on the horizon, or even a "Zombie Apocalypse", we need to stop and think to ourselves, what are the possibilities and am I prepared? Tonight we will discuss what preparations nee to be made... more

Usually this area is reserved for info on the episode to let you know what I will be talking about. Well the title says it all!!! We are in a Zombie Apocalypse! If you dont believe me, listen in for all the info you will need to prepare yourself and... more

We have seen the news, and are hearing constantly about the Occupy Wall Street protests spreading all over this country. While many protesters are well meaning, is this actually a Saul Alinsky type of tactic to further us into a socialist... more

What is FEMA ??? Many people never heard of FEMA prior to hurrican Katrina. We all know of the terrible job they did there. But was it a terrible job, or a well orchestrated disaster? What is the real purpose of FEMA? I will be discussing... more

If you watch the mainstream media, you will have no real idea who this man is. But if you watch the constant chatter on FB you most certainly have heard of him. This man has many ideas for this country and the mainstream media does their... more

Are we really free? When you get on a plane, does TSA give you a "freedom" search? We will be discussing how the illusion of freedom is quickly disappearing and we are becoming acclimated into a slave society! Tune in for what I... more

Weve all been there. You look up at your rear view only to see flashing lights. You get a sense of anxiety and pull over praying for things to go in your favor. If you know your rights, things can go better for you. Especially if youre in a... more

Immunizations - Do they help us or are they the cause of many of the maladies that afflict todays society? Do they prolong our lives or are they a tool used for population control? We will be discussing immunizations and the effect they... more