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    Underground Hard Drive

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    Probing the psyche and soul of humanity!  This show is absolutely about anything you want to talk about, just have something to say.  Politics, sports, music, current events......anything!  Stephen Williams is waiting for your call right now!  Traveling around the country, you just don't know where we will be broadcasting live from next!  So stop by and give a listen and don't forget to call, we want to know whats on your mind!

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    Great SEX is Not Love and NEVER will Be With Mz DeeVa

    in Lifestyle

    On This Episode Of The Beautiful Butterfly Show, we will be joined by one of BTR's Own Host Deanna Shields aka Mz DeeVa, as she chats with us about her New book Entitled " Great Sex is NOT lvoe and Never will Be"
    Born and raised in Austin, TX into a family of musicians and writers, DeAnna Joy Shields aka Mz DeeVa is no stranger to the world of Entertainment. Yet, instead of striving to live the role of glitz and glamour that was her first dream, her life took a different path. At the age of 18 she became a mother to two daughters. She went through and managed to leave a marriage filled with verbal and physical abuse from her high school sweetheart. Taking several years to regain a sense of self, she attempted another serious relationship, only to see more heartbreak! Closing out any future thoughts of a relationship again, and now a single mother of 3, she went back to college to pursue an Administrative Specialist degree. A few months prior to graduation is when she met her soldier, SGT Jonathan B. Shields, whom she went on to marry 3 years later, only to face a tragedy too soon after their wedding ceremony. Currently residing in Killeen/Ft Hood, Texas, Mrs. Shields is a Web Talk Radio Host (iLast Radio) writer, student, counselor, sister, friend, volunteer worker and so much more.

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    IE Radio/IT Clan Chat: The Need for Trained BI Workers

    in Technology

    A recent report indicates that universities are failing to train future employees to cope with so-called big data or to manage business intelligence.  If, as the McKinsey Global Institute states, the need for trained BI workers will exceed the actual workforce available by 60 percent in 2018, we have a problem. IT professionals will be looking at where and how to obtain people with the right skills to meet the needs of companies seeking the balance of business and IT skills required to cope with big data. And is this really an IT problem?

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    Pantsless Radio : Timmy to the Rescue

    in Sports

    This month Wiggy and sugar are tlaking sex safety! Think it ends with condoms and birth control? Au contraire our pantsless little listener monkeys! Remember this: it's all fun and games until  someone catches on fire! Then at 8, we'll be joined by former Ring of Honor CROWN JEWEL and current TNA Superstar, JIMMY RAVE!!! We'll also be launching our new question & answer segment, Letters From Our Big Sack! All this and YOUR calls at 646-727-2364

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    Tribal Chat: Learn to FLIP OVER AND FLOAT with Terri Cole

    in Self Help

    Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist and life coach, published author and a motivational speaker.  Over the past 13 years, she has helped thousands of clients to Live Fearless and Free.  Terri continues to inspire and educate through coaching programs, live events and blog with her wicked “tell it like it is” sense of humor, deep empathy and understanding, and razor sharp insight.
    As an original member of Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Posse, Terri is proud to be a contributing author to both of Kris’s best selling books, Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips and Crazy Sexy Survivor as well as a co-facilitator for the CRAZY SEXY BOOTCAMPS at the leading holistic healing institutes across the country including The Omega Institute, Kripalu, The Crossings in Austin and others.

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    REVOLUTION NOW! The New Faces of American Politics

    in Politics Progressive

    Meet the New Faces of American Politics

    Josh Young The Honorable Commissioner of Caln Township, PA. In 2005 I ran for Commissioner in my township and after months of work and knocking on 1,800 doors I was elected. I am the youngest commissioner ever elected and currently the youngest elected official in my Township. I am a DEMOCRAT and I am only the 3rd Democrat elected for my township board since the civil war.

    John Campbell - I am excited to announce my candidacy for Harrisburg City Treasurer today. As the Executive Director of Historic Harrisburg and CEO of the Broad Street Market, I plan to bring my experience, knowledge and innovation to the City Treasurer’s Office.

    Max Brumm - People ask me "Max how did you become inspired to run for Mayor?" Well it's a funny story if you ask me! It was a late spring afternoon in 2009, I was driving to baseball practice with some teammates of mine (FYI those teammates become my main staff) anyway back to the story... We had the radio on and it just finished broadcasting that Sam Adams wanted Multnomah County to pay for the Sellwood Bridge. That really got at me. At that point I announced to my future staff "Hell I can run this city better than him! And I'm only 18!" The rest is history! I'm running for Mayor of Portland to make this city better!

    Kaliko Castille is 23 years old, and is currently attending Western Oregon University. He has decided to run in the primary against Democratic incumbent David Wu and current Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian because Oregon needs more than a Democratic placeholder. Kaliko is running to end corporate personhood, so that we can begin to tackle the important issues that affect people's daily lives.


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    Insane Government Episode 196- Islam Back in the Light?

    in Politics Conservative

    Iranian Update: Iran-Armed Iraq militias vs. US Army?
    Is Islam coming back under the bright light of the people of this world again? In several countries they are passing laws that some say are stopping the practice of religion while the supporters say it is about national security. Who is right? And Who is wrong? Later new tactics in Pakistan are scaring the nation that active in the Middle East and wondering if it is time to leave. Later we will go over who the "Ground Zero" Mosque is back in the light after a new ruling by a judge.  Some articles and events we will be going over tonight will be:
    1. New  Violent Terror Attacks Being Made in Pakistan
    2. Judge Prevents Ex-Fireman To Sue the Construction of ' Ground Zero Mosque'
    3. New Australian Law Bans Face Veil!  A Sign of Anti-Muslim or Push for Security?
    4. Obama Getting Tough on Debt Ceiling! But Will Happen?
    5.California to Split Into Two?! Is This Even Possible?
    Thanks for tuning into "Insane Government"...Organized Insanity. Victor Mikhailovsky is your host from 7pm EST to 9pm EST. On this show we will dismantle the crazy moves by our legislators and figure out a solution. One can always complain but it takes a true one to come up with a solution.

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    Introducing our new EXTREME Real Estate Program

    in Real Estate

    You have seen the countdown, and during this show we will announce the details of our new EXTREME program for buyers and sellers.  Those that have gotten a sneak peak into the program have said it is REVOLUTIONARY and will change the way that home buyers and sellers think about the way that they go about getting their next home.
    We will also provide a update on the current market conditions and take your calls.  You do not want to miss it.

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    Equipping the Super Business Woman for Success

    in Management

    Join us on Monday, July 11th to re-tool for success.  Our special guest will be Angela Freeman, the Director of Business Development at Houston Minority Supplier Development Council.
    We will be talking about making strategic plans for your business, making the right connections, power positioning, and what the current industry looks like for women entrepreneurs.
    A Special Show, Designed with the Female Entrepreneur in Mind!

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    Morning Thoughts - "Get your verbal cup of coffee!"

    in Motivation

    The Morning Thoughts show will share thoughts, inspirations, and motivations authored and presented by Jermaine F. West

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