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Kristi Hofferber and Patricia Gazzaneo Casey share their personal stories of being conceived in incest. Precious lives that testify that ALL life is valuable. Tayhise Martinez was raped from the age of two and became pregnant at 12 by... more

Dr. Tony Levatino once performed late term abortions. Now he works to end abortion. What happened? Hear his story. Jill Stanek exposed a hospital practice of putting babies in closets to die after abortion resulted in live birth.... more

Adoptive parents Mark and Tyler found the joy of their life in twins conceived in rape even knowing before they were born that one had spina bifida. Hear their amazing story of love proving all children are wanted. Julia and Andrew Schoch... more

A couple's 24 yo drowns in a pool and doctors want to deprive the child of food and hydration. Parents are forced to take him home and care for him, learning medical procedures in the moment. God was there all the time. Doctors... more

Hear what the children of rape conception have to say. It's not what you think.

Brenda Shafer , a pro choice nurse on temporary assignment landed a job with Dr. James Haskell, who wrote a monograph explaining how to perform a partial birth abortion proceedure. Hear her heart wrenching account and her choice for... more

Women who were raped and pregnant talk about the love they feel for their rape conceived child. The trauma of the rape pales against the joy they've been given in these bundles of life. Some children are grown and some young ones but... more

Pro active men on the front line against abortion. No armchair commentators in this group. We're interviewing Todd Bullis, Russell Hunter, Andy Moore and Chet Gallagher.

Women who were legitimately raped will share their legitimate feelings on their own abortions from rape. They know more than society is saying. Consider This:This is the real war on women .
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